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AAA Music | 19 January 2021

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Introducing Black Moth – Split 7″ Single with Xm3a

| On 23, May 2011

Bands: Black Moth // Xm3a
Release: split 7″ single
Date: 6th June 2011
Label: New Heavy Sounds:
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Six months ago, a Leeds 60s garage punk band were experiencing seismic
shifts in their tastes and mentality with a dark rumbling beneath the
surface and their heavier influences began to flood their veins. They
emerged, as a new band, translucent-skinned and bleary-eyed from their
cocoon as BLACK MOTH.

Taking a powerful chunk of influence from proto-punk acts such as Iggy
and the Stooges, Motorhead and early Alice Cooper as well as a sliver of
90s grunge and stoner rock, Black Moth draw out the darker elements and
combine them with the heaving riffs of heavy metal giants, Pentagram and
Black Sabbath, with”hooks so sharp you could hang a corpse on them”.
They also look to more current acts such as the Melvins, Sleep and
Electric Wizard for inspiration, though singer, Harriet Hyde, still
maintains a vocal style that evokes the haunting psychedelia of Grace
Slick and psych-Satanist, Jinx Dawson from Coven: the woman responsible
for the “sign of the horns” in rock’n’roll.
‘Spit Out Your Teeth’ is the follow up to their debut single ‘The
Articulate Dead/Blind Faith’ released to rapturous reviews and plentiful
airplay in January.

‘It’s Possible’ is the first taster from London’s XM-3a’s forthcoming
concept album ‘A Darkling Plain’. It follows on from January’s debut 12″
single ‘Bad Robot Man’, their 9.19 minute doom riffing acid-psyche
drenched epic, and is an edited version of the ten minute cataclysm that
will be a key part of said album, and a crucial installment of the
album’s twisted tale of a dystopian future following the techno-wars.

Finding a shared aesthetic with Leeds heavy rockers Black Moth, XM-3a
decided to produce a palatable 4 minutes of slow-rocking and monumental
fuzz-bass, grinding riffs, wigged-out acid solo-ing and angst-ridden
vocalising in order to share the sides of a 7″ single and reach out to
the heavy sounds of Yorkshire.

XM-3a have recently played with Bo Ningen, Chickenhawk, Kong, Tweakbird,
White Hills, Arbouretum, TurboWolf, and Castrovalva.

XM-3a press – 5 Star Single of The Month in Artrocker Magazine Jan 2011
“9 minutes worth of gasoline coated riffs, bursts of noise, ridiculous
keyboard solos, duelling lead guitars, call and response vocals, phaser
effects and a massive theatrical climax- a chop smackingly guilty pleasure”.

Single launch event: Black Moth + XM-3a on Tuesday, 7th June 2011 at the
Macbeth in Hoxton