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AAA Music | 13 July 2020

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| On 07, Jun 2011

Visions of Trees are Londoners Sara Atalar and Joni Juden. They met in the summer of 2009 and quickly formed a friendship over a love of Pop music, R&B, and 90’s dance. They also shared an aesthetic interest in the romantic wilderness and the solitude and escapism that it represents. It didn’t take long for them to forge these two things into a haunting and penetrating sound that takes advantage of the sonic freedom afforded by electronic music to simultaneously evoke the alienation of urban life and the serene austerity of nature.

In the two years since they formed, Sara and Joni have kept crafting an ever growing sound that has remained distinctive and true. Novocaine is no exception, Joni’s moody, lush production, with its stuttering drum breaks and sweeping synths, and Sara’s crystal clear voice combining far flung influences to make something new and unique.

‘Novocaine’ is due to be released in August, through Deadly People. In the meantime, catch Visions of Trees at festivals and shows through the summer, including: Rockness (11th June), Glastonbury (24th June), Lounge on the Farm (9th July), Field Day (6th August), Beacons Festival (12th August).