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AAA Music | 18 August 2019

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Mothers of Gut “Stalemate” Premiered on RCRD LBL

| On 16, Jun 2011

As premiered on RCRD LBL, “Stalemate” is the second single off Mothers of Gut’s new record Unking. The record is out now and available from Family Time Records.

Formed in 2007, Mothers of Gut started out as the brain child of Aaron Freeman. Still in college Aaron reconciled his love for grandiose imagery and song in his love of psychedelic and kraut rock music. From 2007 to 2009 Freeman used a revolving door of players and styles until settling on the 4 piece rock ensemble. After playing numerous shows and festivals all over Southern California Aaron settled and wrote his 2010 debut album the Inanimate Sermon. With a run time of over an hour Freeman put to rest a body of work that best summed up his freshman year of Mothers of Gut. The rest of 2010 was centered on the death of his father, Robert Freeman, who died from cancer. In the wake of everything Aaron crafted the Unking, which is a portrait of his father in the decline of his existence in association with the book Birthday of the World. Unking was completed in early 2011 immediately following Aaron’s move to Los Angeles with band mate and companion Kristina Collantes. February of 2011 was a month that Aaron dedicated to an art project called “A Song a Day”, where he would literally make a song a day alone or with others from the big circle of artistic friends he is associated with. Upon completion Aaron and Mothers of Gut geared up for several Southern California shows and a trip to SxSw; their first venture outside of California.

Unking tracklist:

1. Unking
2. Stalemate
3. There Is a Great Sadness to You
4. Smoke the Master
5. Summer Century
6. Wizard Tree