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AAA Music | 21 November 2019

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I Am in Love and the debut single “I want you”

| On 17, Jun 2011

I am in love is a name that derives from a realisation that their singer
is indeed in love and not just a boy who doesn’t know what love is.

They are four boys and one girl, hailing from Leicestershire, in central

Formed just five months ago in late 2010 after their previous
band disbanded following two years together, the five members of I am in
love locked themselves away and set about perfecting what they do,
putting all of their effort and energy into every song, every note,
every drum hit, every key and string on the record. They are striving to
make music that excites people, music that people can connect with,
music that crosses decades and maybe even divides opinion – like the
music of their heroes: Prince, Bowie, Adam Ant, Freddie Mercury and
bands like The Cure, Bloc Party, OMD, Foals. These influences have
shaped the sound ofI am in love.

Originally planning to wait until after a summer of festival slots and
heavy touring to release any material, the press interest and imminent
scheduled Daytime Radio 1 airplay has moved things on apace…

Their debut single’I Want You’ was released through Robot Needs Home
Records on 16th May.