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AAA Music | 25 January 2020

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Daily Archives: 20 June 2011

Secret Pilot release debut music video

20 June 2011 |

Up-and-coming Manchester indie band, Secret Pilot, have just released their first music video.


The band commissioned independent Piccadilly-based production company Cosmic Joke to make the video for Punching Underwater in March, and production began in April.


“We first … Read More

The Rudiments – Doctor Bone’s Fried Medicine

20 June 2011 |

It’s practically impossible not to recognize american reggae and ska-punk music. It has this different sound, as if freedom belongs to it and you can’t do anything about it. Doctor Bone’s Friend Medicine by The Rudiments is one of … Read More

Atmosphere – The Family Sign

20 June 2011 |

US rap band Atmosphere do live up to their name, with their subtly forceful release ‘The Family Sign’. Their approach of using live instrumentation gives a refreshing sense of life and vitality that a simple backing track would be … Read More

Breaking The Day – Survived By None

20 June 2011 |

A rain-drenched sample intro leads us to the utterly bleak, pummelling sonic clout that is ‘Survived By None’, the new album by Breaking The Day. Imagine every assumption people hold about the seething aggression of metal, put them in … Read More

Slaves To Gravity – Underwaterouterspace

20 June 2011 |

Oddly enough, I believe I encountered Slaves To Gravity several years ago, as the support band for Aiden, and I had a distinct memory of being a bit unimpressed. However, given I was younger and not as well-versed as … Read More

Alistair Griffin – Just Drive

20 June 2011 |

It took around 4 seconds into Alistair Griffin’s single Just Drive to realise the song is an X-factor attempt. The two minute poppy single features all the clichés from the music destroying contest, featuring an over-the-top crescendo which leads … Read More

The Scoundrels – The Scoundrels Debut Album

20 June 2011 |

The Scoundrels are a surprise from the moment you have a listen. With a lacklustre band name and non-descript looks from the entire group’s members, I was immediately under the impression The Scoundrels were going to supply … Read More

Principe Valiente – Principe Valiente Debut Album

20 June 2011 |

With a refreshing batch of something between post-punk and shoegaze, Principe Valiente embrace musical darkness, complacently resting in the shadows of melancholy. The result is a release that is thoroughly captivating, gloriously tragic and utterly haunting. There is a … Read More

David Kamo – Red Hotel

20 June 2011 |

The first song is a nice rocky entry to what sounds a nice alternative rock album. ‘Limousine’ is a song that has all the rock guitar riffs bass lines and also fitting drum fills. Its a song that is a … Read More

The House Of Flukes – You’re The King

20 June 2011 |

The song starts with a funky 70 style electric piano. The song then is turned in to a soul fest which is nice together. Suddenly the style gets more of a bluesy lead guitar part. Then the song becomes … Read More