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AAA Music | 29 October 2020

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Deadly People – Joe and Will Ask

| On 26, Jun 2011

With an apparent relentless passion to explore music, I had high hopes from the offset for Joe and Will Ask. However after a lacklustre opening track that resembles the sort of sound you’d expect from a crappy online game, these hopes were quickly diminished.

Joe and Will Asks’ style mashes together techno and electro, apparently distinguishing themselves from the rest of their competitors in the process. In all honestly they sound no different from other standard Drum and Bass/Electro acts, although they sound more annoying and repetitive especially when you’re listening with a crippling hangover from the night before.

To be fair to the pair you can hear how they’ve crafted their tracks, the crescendos and changes in bass have been well produced. However one promising aspect of their music doesn’t hide the faults with their repetitive and unambitious sound. Ultimately the work done by the pair isn’t strong enough in a competitive electro market and only the biggest fans of the genre will enjoy their work.

Author: Tom Crowther