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AAA Music | 27 September 2020

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Introducing Afisha Picnic Festival

| On 30, Jun 2011

The Afisha Picnic Festival of music, lifestyle and special events returns for a stunning 8th Edition on 23rd July 2011 set in Kolomenskoe, the ex-royal estate and one of the most spectacular public park in Moscow, which is filled with historical and architectural treasures.

Building on its reputation as one of the most respected and highly anticipated events of the season, Afisha Picnic 2011 promises to be an inspirational and entertaining, sophisticated and scintillating one-day festival, that encompasses four components:



Music, Market, Entertainment and Food



Spread over a few platforms dedicated to music, this year Afisha Picnic will be hosting an exceptional array of talent coming both from international and local arenas of music.

Renowned acts will share the stages with the most promising Russian musicians. Audiences can expect a full spectrum of music genres to be presented, as the unrivalled music line up of this year seems to be as exclusive as never before.

Afisha Picnic is proud to welcome 



, a truly sensational Russian female musician of the highest caliber, who will be leading the main stage as part of her very few shows this year. With a career now spanning for more than a decade, Zemfira has remained a consistently intriguing and exhilarating presence. Sustaining ingenuity and the incessant drive to experiment, she crosses genre boundaries effortlessly and astounds music critics and fans. Zemfira is considered as one of the most influential and charismatic musicians in the Post-Soviet space, and for the Afisha Picnic Zemfira is anticipated to make a must-see performance.

Reserved for the festival, is another out of the ordinary surprise – the once in a life-time chance to see a legendary



Courtney Love and the band Hole  hitting the Eastern European stage for the first time after their reunion last year. This show needs no introduction, however triggers the most tremendous expectations, as the grunge diva turned chic queen and the band Hole will rush the Afisha Picnic main stage almost like hurricane blasting 90s rock

anthems and the new songs from the last album Nowbody’s Daughter.

Kaiser Chiefs


, who first time performed in Moscow in 2004, will now make their blazing return. The British indie rockers will present their highly anticipated new album and throw in plenty of old favourites to make the mood of their Afisha Picnic show a riot of a raw energy and rocking tunes. One of the recent breakthrough acts, charming  Marina and the Diamonds, will team up on the main stage with the debuting Russian girls band ObeDve and Polish alt rockers  L.Stadt.


Joining the Afisha Picnic programme are the legends of USSR underground rock scene


Bravo, who have successfully embraced allure of the swinging sixties mingled with Soviet romanticism and western dandyism, and produced a good deal of catchy melodies over a passage of 25 years. Acts confirmed for the main stage also include the power-pop / artwave band  Zorge. The mastermind behind Zorge is the musician Yevgeny Fyodorov, who decided to embrace the best of his celebrated local rock band Tequilajazzz and formed a new ensemble. According to the band members, ‘Zorge is music about dangerous and pleasant adventures, about the secret life of the cities that conceal from us more than we expect from them’. Originating from Rostov-on-Don, the band  Motorama 

quickly won the status of the vanguards of the Russian indie scene. Vigorously mixing the aesthetics of new wave and post punk infused with intelligently buoyant flair, Motorama have already deserved many affirmative responses from international music press, toured worldwide, and this year the band are coming again to the Afisha Picnic.

The headline slot on the second stage is earmarked for 



with full live band. Sealed his position as a front-runner of today’s Russian electronica, Mujuice has also gained massive international exposure, attracting the attention of Pitchfork who described his music as ‘blending the orchestrated grandeur of Russian composers like Dmitry Shostakovich with samples of power drills and chopped-up voices’. Having numerous appearances on international music festivals on his credit, Mujuice is an undisputed highlight in the Afisha Picnic’s line up.

As part of her very few live appearances this year, a rebellious figure in electronic music


Peaches  will galvanize the Festival. Her unpredictable performance will be the jaw-dropping way to bring Afisha Picnic second stage to a triumphant close. Second stage, the place to discover the local indie stars and international newcomers today, will be also hosting a shattering foray of the fastest rising music talent coming from the international arena. LA-based electronic duo  Rainbow Arabia and pop gem Tennis  from Denver, who have already gained ample exposure and found critical acclaim on both side of the Atlantic will be additional highlights on the Afisha Picnic bill, as well as Polish band Kamp! , new-yorkers Friends of the Oval, and the most promising Russian bands  On-The- Go  and Manicure


23 July 2011

Moscow, Russia


Main Stage

12.30 – ObeDve (Russia)

13.25 – L.Stadt (Poland)

14.25 – Zorge (Russia)

15.25 – Bravo (Russia)

16.35 – Marina and the Diamonds (UK)

17.50 – Kaiser Chiefs (UK)

19.20 – Hole (USA)

20.50 – Zemfira (Russia)


Minor stage

12.30 – On-The-Go! (Russia)

13.20 – Kamp! (Poland)

14.10 – Friends of the Oval (USA)

15.05 – Manicure (Russia)

16.00 – Tennis (USA)

17.10 – Motorama (Russia)

18.15 – Rainbow Arabia (USA)

19.25 – 20.10 Mujuice (Russia)

20.40 – Peaches (Canada)


23 July 2011

Moscow, Russia


With the idea of a relaxed outdoor leisure very much at its core, Afisha Picnic brings every fraction of the open air activity together in one place, providing a very engaging and versatile surroundings for different audiences, either for individuals or families. Being a hub of wideranging entertainment and recreation events, Afisha Picnic is the only Russian outdoor festival that maintains non-alcoholic policy and holds its unique position in the season.




area, overflowing with a very special assortment of merchandise, traditionally is one of the most compelling Afisha Picnic’s focal points. Stalls with handcrafted jewelry and cherry-picked stationery, customized apparel and vintage clothes, rare souvenirs and trophies, bespoke selection of zines and self-published books from every corner of the globe will be rolling out open air.

Among many other attractions of this year programme are extended 



area offering exclusive delights from across the world, with the highlights such as Middle Eastern cuisine, Japanese Street Food, and American marshmallow canteen, alongside with ethnic treats, wholesome snacks and fresh beverages supplied by the prime Moscow brasseries. Special lectures and workshops, cinema and crafts, a full spectrum of amusements and sports, showcase of the latest entertainment technologies, and smart pleasures for shopaholics – Afisha Picnic brings them together for one glorious day. It is an event like no other; a galaxy away from urban fuss that encourages the visitors to explore the fresh and exciting simultaneously indulging in the spirit of chilling out outdoors.

Other Stages and Activities



2 Zones Dedicated to Lectures and Workshops

Swimming Pool with Bar

Beach on the Barge moored to the Central Festival Quay

Amusement and Theme Parks

Kids Town

Sports Grounds – from Track and Field Athletics Stadium to Ping Pong Tables

Variety of Playgrounds and Lounge Bars with Live Music



Venue / Address

Kolomenskoe, Moscow State Museum and Nature Reserve Park

Prospekt Andropova, 39

Moscow, Russian Federation, 1 15487

Nearest Tube Station Kolomenskaia


23 July, 12:00-22.00