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AAA Music | 23 January 2020

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Enter Shikari – Quelle Surprise

| On 10, Jul 2011

This is the new single from the metal group “Entri Shikari – Quelle Surprise” Overall it sounds really powerful, because of the guitar riffs and the screaming vocals. Quelle Surprise – this is the clean version. It is the first song of the EP which starts of with electronic drums. The lyrics are also really powerful. Then the drums change into stadium drums, which sound better together with the heavy guitars. Towards the end the fill sounds like a rave and the listener is garbed to the message that the dreams will not be taken away. Quelle Surprise – is the same song as above and the only difference is that this is the explicated version. B Hectic (feat. Matty P. Live at Hatfield) – this is a live version and the song sounds like a rave/ drum & bass song, which sounds a bit like pendulum but lighter than them. Its really nice all the different instruments they use. Especially it is nice to hear that the crowd is singing with the band at times. They must all enjoy that moment. I enjoy listening to the song.


Destabilise (ROUT Remix) – is really different, because the song is remixed. The song starts out like a a drum & Bass song, but it immediately goes into dubstep. The beat thought the song is really chatty and bring s the listener on a nice experimental journey.

The vocals of Entri Shikari are really fitting in well and give the extra needed depth to the song. Overall this is a really powerful song. Destabilise (Creatures of Love Remix) – starts out echoey with some powerful lyrics. The song has this experimental feel to the song which is really nice and different to the previous song. The double vocals bing more depth and the listener to another dimension. The overall slower atmosphere is really nice.

Destabilise (Johnny & The Snipers version) – This version is a raw sounding different one, than the previous ones. Johnny & The Snipers version – is really nice and powerful. The song is different. It sounds more poppy and it dose not have the metal influence that “Entri Shaikari” is known for.


Author: Enrico Down