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AAA Music | 13 August 2022

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| On 13, Jul 2011

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Sonisphere, Knebworth, 8th July 2011


There is talk of heavy rain, but all we can think of is the heaviest of the heavy that will be on stage…… today!

If you didn’t hear or if you was in a coma, there was some serious goings on at Knebworth on Friday afternoon. To elaborate slightly, THE F!*KING BIG 4 WERE PLAYING!!!!! – subtle enough?

Yes ladies and gentlemen of the UK, the shit went down as 60,000 metal heads from the four corners of this great nation squeezed together in the shadow of the almighty Apollo stage to witness for the FIRST TIME EVA (in the UK), the coming together of the 4 most praised, most celebrated and most anticipated line up of the year. Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer & Metallica.


Regardless that there were other stages with other bands playing on Friday (from about 4pm), when Anthrax kicked off, everything else might as well closed doors for the night. Its always awesome to watch good metal, but in this explosive environment I was certain that awesome was going to be a little weak…… there are many expletives which fit the bill well, and most went horse from shouting them. The Apollo stage is a titanic sound box, streaming noise and light which grew to epic levels as we reached the Friday headliner. Metallica play to the masses as the sun is setting, a backlog of classics is well received and the crowd sing along and drink whilst throwing the odd shoe or cup of (not sure… piss/beer?) something over those in front. I’m told by an informed source who travels all over Europe to every Metallica show, that there are always a few new treats at every gig – an old album track maybe or a variation on a popular number. The set is at least a 2 hour affair, and just to make sure the band had everyone’s full attention – there were 30 foot flame towers and a barrage of fireworks. An outstanding gig.


The metal carries on across the event, and the bars fill up fast as the main stage draws to a close for the night.


Saturday…. and the rains are coming in thick and fast, but the punters hold steady and carry on without a second thought. Today is a great day for music, and I’m torn between stages. So I attend Cavalera Conspiracy (again at Apollo) and am blown away at how good this set is, most are here to witness what was Sepultura (the brothers Cavalera), and I’m positive no one was disappointed. Proper metal and proper circle pits.

I get down to Bohemia and witness Jackass’s Steve’O grace the stage for his first UK stand up gig. The tent is rammed, with hundreds of others standing outside. Steve’O is a legend, and the vast majority are here to see him pull a piglet out of his ass or staple his junk to a midget. But no, not today, Steve’O has gotten his gear stowed and ploughs straight into his act. There are lots of gags and talk of days gone by (Jackass/ Wildboys), lots of dick jokes etc….. was good for 15mins but started to give a little. But hey….. legend, talking about his life and making jokes. Well done Steve’O.


The Bohemia stage is minted, with a pretty much outstanding line up all day, so I stick around, pick up a few bands and wait ever so patiently for favorites Gojira. Again, tent rammed. French metal? yes please. Their sound is sophisticated in the extreme, and the stage presence is a hand grenade waiting to go ‘POP’. They are are fantastic band and should be on every metal heads list of shit to see. More rain.

I head to the VIP bar and rest up with a cold beer, and wind down from the days sights and sounds. With sadness I head off to tent city, cos tomorrow I gots to go early and will miss Sunday – and Slipknot. Bugger.


Sonisphere….. Blastin’. Thanks to Adam and the rest of Noise Cartel for having us again this year. It was awesome.