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AAA Music | 25 May 2020

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Daily Archives: 17 July 2011

Rough Fields – Abu Dhabi

17 July 2011 |

“Rough Fields – Abu Dhabi” This song starts of with a nice drum kick which has a nice electronic feel. The voice in the background makes the feel of the single become experimental, which is nice. The electric guitar fits … Read More

The Voluntary Butler Scheme – Grandad Galaxy

17 July 2011 |

This album called “The Grandad Galaxy” by “THE VOLUNTARY BUTLER SCHEME” which is really different at times and it has two major themes which is nice. It has lots of depth. starts out with a nice song “Astro” The … Read More

They Might Be Giants – Join US

17 July 2011 |

Although They Might Be Giants have already released fourteen albums and have two Grammy awards under their belts they keep quite a low profile and their music has not quite broken into the mainstream. However, despite being well used … Read More


17 July 2011 |

London, Tuesday 5th July

This astonishing evening was a tribute to the inspirational women of jazz, blues, gospel and r&b. It was produced by Danny Kapilian.

Two years ago the same venue hosted an amazing meeting of three internationally acknowledged … Read More

Butterfly Fan The Inferno – i Coma/Sunset Scavengers

17 July 2011 |

There’s a very good way of testing the credentials of any rock fan, ask them whether every song should begin with a swaggering drum beat and a burst of guitar noise that melts into a shit kicking guitar riff. … Read More

Deeds Of The Nameless – Exit Wound

17 July 2011 |

With a creeping psychedelia laced into a heavy rock mass, Deeds Of The Nameless bring us back to the era of when heavy metal dabbled in places other than the meedly-meedly guitar solos. ‘Exit Wound’ is an attention-grabber from … Read More

Evaline – Woven Material

17 July 2011 |

How can you make such a dreamlike stadium affair? I’m not sure, but rock outfit Evaline’s new album: ‘Woven Material’ seems to be pitched between the arena and the ether, blending an artistic studied fragility a la The Smiths … Read More

YOUNG GUNS – All Our Kings Are Dead: Gold Edition

17 July 2011 |

This assertive debut album from the Buckinghamshire, UK alternative rock quintet was confidently self released in July, 2010 on their Live Forever label.

A year later, the band has re-packaged the critically acclaimed release, entitled ‘All Our … Read More

Abbe May – Design Desire

17 July 2011 |

When you have rock inside and outside your own soul, you have to share it with everyone. That’s the case I’m going to talk about: Abbe May.

In her new album, Design Desire, her soul speaks out loud with … Read More