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AAA Music | 31 May 2020

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Digitalism Loop – Psychosomatic

| On 24, Jul 2011

“All Deep” – is a real powerfu l electronic house song. It sounds deep and dark. The drums, and synthesizer make t hgat happen. Then towards the end a synthesized lead is taking over the song which makes the song even nicer sound. There are at times sone backing vocals which give some nice addition. Overall its a nice and bouncy song and the changes that happen are all really nice. “First Space Flight” really futuristic sounding. The echoey effects are really strong and thats what gives the song the electric feel to it. This sounds a bit of a “Deadmau5” influence. The vocals give it the right effect. Overall the song is different, but still it has the electro house effect. The song has the right changes and the best part is the melodic part towards the end. It sounds like a solo. “Green Creation” – starts of with a nice echoey space sound like the previous song. The sound is really nice and different. The song then goes into this fitting drum & bass beat, which I really like. Then the song goes into this Reggie style drum & bass style. Then a really dirty bass line joins the song and the lead is really dirty which is really nice. The effects are all fitting and dirty. This song in particular I like which is nice.


“Hi Schemers” – this song goes into a really progressive house style, with the bass. Its more soft, because the bass is more soft than what other artist use in that style. The effects are amazing though. They fit particularly well which I like. The vocals sound like the joker from “The Dark Night”. This song is different from the other songs, but it fits really nice in this album. “Icemen” – the introduction of the song is really nice and it sounds oriental. The a dirty bass line comes into to fit in the song, which sounds like drum & bass in the previous song. The effects used are exactly how they should be. “Money” – sounds a bit like progressive house. The vocals are really powerful, because they sound like “Jim Morrison”. The effects are all powerful and remind me of “Pink Floyd”. This is the best song of the album for sure.


“Digital Loops – Psychosmatic” is really powerful electro house music. The effects they use are all really powerful, because they take the listener even more into a trance.



Author: Enrico Dow