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AAA Music | 28 May 2020

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Films Of Colour – Capital // Persinette

| On 24, Jul 2011

This EP is by “Films of Colours”. Capital (radio edit) – the song starts of really rocky. Then the vocals are really powerfully and grab the listeners attention. Then drums and the bass grab the listener even deeper in the song. The song has some really depths and it’s really nice. Capital Acoustic – is the same song as the previous one, only difference its all acoustic. It starts of with a nice acoustic guitar being plucked. Then the drums move the song and the vocals are really warm and drive the song really forward. Capital – starts of with a nice melodic melody, which stays throughout the song. Then it goes into the same electric psychedelic guitar sound that we are familiar in the radio edit version. The song is really strong and different in all the versions.


Persinette Acoustics – the song starts out with a powerful acoustic guitar that is plucked. Then really powerful warm vocals come in. The lyrics are really strong and sound a bit like early “Coldplay”. Towards the end there is an acoustic bridge and it goes into a echoey sound which is really powerful. Persinette is the same song and this is the rock version. This instruments sound like by “Radiohead”. This is again an incredible song just like “Capital”.



Author: Enrico Dow