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AAA Music | 24 May 2020

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Fjords – Listen To Me

| On 24, Jul 2011

Fjords are an unsigned seven piece alt rock group based in South Wales who have just released 2 new songs. The first, “Listen to me” begins with trumpets which is something a bit different and immediately separates them from countless other alt rock bands at the moment. Triumphant sounding guitars are quickly introduced playing a repeated guitar riff that sounds like it was lifted straight from a Killers record. This is a well constructed song- the verses make good use of the trumpets and keys, while the refrain “Listen to Me” is literally shouted over music to give the song an experimental and personal feel.

“Conversations” uses both female and male vocals-sometimes in harmony, which is nice to hear from an alt rock band. This song is lively and energetic, making great use of drums, syncopation and once again the trumpets transform this song, giving it a playful vibe. Fjords seem to be on to a winning formula- a layered textured sound, incorporated into catchy, radio friendly tunes. If you are into Architecture in Helsinki, Fjords will be right up your street.


Author: Orna Lyons