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AAA Music | 23 October 2019

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The Heart Strings – Flap Your Wings

| On 07, Aug 2011

Key tracks; “Good Times Are Coming For To Get You”, “Gravy”, “Cartoon Hearts’ & ‘Girls”.

“Little Star” starts with a nice melody. Then an acoustic guitar comes in and sounds really nice acuminated with the vocals that use a nice effect. The vocals sound like “Alex Turner”. It’s a cute little song that sounds like it would be made into a lullaby, or at least made a dedication for a baby. “Good Times Are Coming For To Get You” starts with a nice melodic sound. Then quickly a nice elect guitar riff takes centre stage. It is accompanied with some nice drums that and vocals. At times the vocals are doubled and they sound a bit like “Fleet Foxes. This is again a short, sweet, happy song that grabs the listener into “Good Times Are Coming For…”. “Cartoon Hearts” starts with a nice upbeat synthesized lead. Accompanied with a nice bouncy bass and guitar, the drums also give the last kick required to drive the song forward. The violin is a nice addition to a great song. The vocals though are the icing on the cake, because they are really sweet. Just listen to the lyrics. “Gravy” starts with a nice ukulele guitar that sounds a bit more Folk than the other songs. “Feel Foxes” inspired Everything about this grabs the listener. Especially the vocals are sweet and romantic. When the sound gets complete with the bass and drums the final kick was given for the listener to be taken by “The Heart Strings”. “Firecrackers” starts with a upbeat drum beat and dark bass line and accompanied with some nice electric piano chords. The vocals are really nice and sound like the previous songs. The sound can be heard by the likes of “Coldplay/ Fleet Foxes”. The Lyrics grab the listener into a trance and the howl song sounds just like a big “Firecracker” noise. “Smithereens” the song starts with a upbeat tempo which is nice and different compared to the other songs. The lead that is played by a synthesiser fits in well. The guitar riff is upbeat and then the song sounds really nice together with the drum and the bass. The vocals are catchy and sweet and at times they sound doubled through the effect, which is nice.


“Girls” starts with an organ being plaid with chords. The drums are really good together and they sound a bit swingy. The vocals and the lyrics are really sweet and catchy. The melody and the effects being used are also really catchy. The howl song is sweet and fits well and gives the album another dimensions. “The Five Minute Wonder Boy” starts with an upbeat drum clap sound. The lyrics are also really catchy and the effects used on the vocals are giving them a nice touch. The overall effects used are giving the song a nice finish. Especially the dirty bass effects and the synthesised lead are nice. “Bluebird” starts with a nice bass drum kick, which is accompanied with some fitting electric piano keys. The lyrics and the voice are also fitting nice in the song. The songs sound is familiar, because it sounds like the previous one in the style of “Alex Turner”. The jazzy feel towards the end of the song makes it a nice different addition to the album. Especially the melodic keys being plaid toward the end, but the howl song is sweet like a bird. “Nice Hangover” starts with nice dirty bass line, which is accompanied with synthesised effect. The lyrics a fitting, but the voice is familiar and fit in well with the rest of the instruments. The jazzy feel is a nice touch to a incredible song. What is especially nice is that the song becomes upbeat wards the end and becomes really psychedelic and abruptly it is jazzy again, which is nice! This is a unique song that fits in well with the rest of the songs. “Don’t Let The World Gang Up On You” this song starts upbeat which was left of in the last song. The lyrics and the vocal effects are nice. The drums are really upbeat and it just makes the listener want to dance. The song is really nice and the changes that happen are really fitting with the right effects being used. This is a sweet song about the howl world dancing together happily together. “The Watering Can Of Love” starts of with a nice synthesised keyboard. It is accompanied with a nice bass. The vocals kick in and then, the listener is grabbed into a trance that is produced, by powerful lyrics. The song is really sweet and sounds a bit of mixing “Alex Turner/ Fleet Foxes” together. The effects used in the background are really powerful.


Author: Enrico Dow