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AAA Music | 30 September 2020

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Dead Fronts – You and Me

| On 08, Aug 2011

This North London quintet (Gaz Tomlinson, Jordan Smith, Murray McHattie, Russell Ditchfield and Stuart Roberts) play some catchy songs and an intriguing, slightly awkward type of surf rock.


The retrospective twist tends to take you back to the California of the 1960s. If rock acts like Pixies and The Cure are influences, then you have to consider later eras. Think of The Coral, Interpol and Franz Ferdinand and you’re probably in the right direction.

Their exciting debut single You and Me, has excellent deep multi layer harmonies and some great drum work. The lyrics are witty, intelligent and rebellious. It might become a classic and will be released on August 8th via BandCamp. An interesting video of the single contains some marvellous glitter face paint which delights and amuses.

They have an increasingly loyal fan base and play The Drop, London on August 14th, 2011.

With their good experimental electro style, fusing punk with indie, they’re far from dead and their talent will continue to make waves. If they are “a little New Yorkshire in places”, that’s reassuring. Yorkshire people have a reputation for speaking  their minds, being hard working, friendly and kind.


Author: Anthony Weightman