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AAA Music | 7 March 2021

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Daily Archives: 8 August 2011

CLASSIFIED – That Ain’t Classy

8 August 2011 |

That Ain’t Classy , from Hand Shakes and Middle Fingers , a hip-hop album about balance, is the first significant international single from Canadian rapper Classified, released from New York’s label Decon.

Classified looks back and examines how … Read More

Ryan Leslie – Glory

8 August 2011 |

When the song first starts you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re listening to a 70’s rock revival band. And have been raised on the stuff I have quite a soft spot for the genre.

So it can as a … Read More

Mamas Gun – Reconnection

8 August 2011 |

Mamas Gun are still to find a wider audience in the UK but have managed to find one  in Japan. In fact, they receive more airplay than any other non-Japanese artist!

When hit with this info most people’s reaction … Read More

Hyde & Beast – Never Come Back

8 August 2011 |

“Never Come Back” is the first single by duo Hyde and Beast from their debut album “Slow Down” which will be released on August 15th.

This song has a retro 60’s vibe to it which can immediately be distinguished- from … Read More

Danny & The Champions Of the World – “You Don’t Know” (My Heart Is in the Right Place)

8 August 2011 |


Based on the title of this song I was expecting a rather melancholy love song, so I was surprised to hear a catchy upbeat guitar into to this song. What follows is a triumphant almost indignant sounding pop-rock song. … Read More

The Twilight Singers – The Blackbird and the Fox

8 August 2011 |

This vocal duet by the Twilight Singers is an emotional, slow burning song. Singer Greg Dulli takes the lead with the low melody, while his raw vocals are interspersed with femme backing by Ani DiFranco.

This song is broody, … Read More