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AAA Music | 23 February 2020

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Blindness video and EP

| On 10, Aug 2011


Definitely a band to look out for… Dark, Raw, energetic, very very loud and intense with powerful and compelling vocalsBBC Radio 6

There are none so blind than those that will not see the brilliance of Blindness – The devil has the best tuna

Girl-voiced lushness, exquisite warmth, seductive dark wave electro pop and rising temperatures from the London based (four) piece. –

Blindness are a band on the cutting edge of the UK live music scene tearing up venues across London and beyond with their blend of explosive, emotive, sonic rock and roll against a backdrop of feedback, emotion and white noise.

Formed in 2008 and picking up drummer Alex Lutes (Night Nurse) along the way, as they so eloquently put it to ‘fill out’ the already immense and captivating live performance of beats, loops, driving bass courtesy of Kendra Frost, razor like guitars of Debbie Smith (Curve, Echobelly, Snowpony) and the emotive and engaging voice of Beth Rettig they come together to make Blindness a band on the verge of something truly special.

Taking the sonic tips and trips of The Jesus & Mary Chain and MBV the diversity and verve of Nine Inch Nails, the added hooks and emotiveness of PJ Harvey, Blindness show an ‘exquisite warmth’ to their “seductive dark wave electro pop’ an adrenaline fuelled, rollercoaster ride of a band with a machine gun etiquette. A beautiful chaos for the here and now.

Debut EP Confessions Available now on itunes, Amazon, Spotify and all digital stores.