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Kazantip Republic Festival reveals closing ceremony lineup

| On 12, Aug 2011


The gates are open and we can now reveal the lineup for the closing finale!


30th July – August 27th 2011 | Crimea, Ukraine

The gates to Kazantip Republic have opened and the project is in full swing for the 19th year of celebrations! Already, the stages have played host to the cream of the electronic music scene – Cassy, Audiofly, Ivan Smagghe, Pendulum, James Zabiela, Sander van Doorn and M.A.N.D.Y., to name just a few. And there is so much more still to come, with Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, John Digweed, dOP, Aeroplane, Zip, Raresh, DJ T, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and a whole host of other acts still to perform at the spectacular 4 week electronic music event in Crimea, Ukraine.

After much speculation we can also now reveal the lineup for the Kazantip Republic Closing Ceremony. As ever, this has been on of the most talked about events of the season with rumours and whisperings  of who might play flying around the Republic at the speed of lightning! Without any further ado, here is a run down of what you can expect on Saturday 20th August. First up, Ricardo Villalobos. This man needs little introduction. As one of the most celebrated and innovative producers in electronic music today, Villalobos has built up an unrivalled, and some might say obsessive, following. Regular spectators will know to always expect the unexpected, Never a man to rest on his laurels, Villalobos will always surprise, thrill and delight audiences with his sets. Joining him are Romania’s finest – Raresh, Rhadoo and Petre Inspirescu. The trio launched their [a:rpia:r] label in 2006, which has since gone from strength to strength, securing the three a hectic touring schedule with regular shows in Ibiza for Cocoon and performances all across Europe, not to mention a vast worldwide fan base. Next up, it’s Zip. Thomas Franzmann aka Zip co-founded Berlin-based label Perlon alongside longtime collaborator Markus Nikolai. In addition to releasing tracks by the founders, the label has also notable releases from an impressive list of artists including Shonky, Efdemin, Agoria and Le loup. Zip’s unique style and technical prowess has seen him tour the globe and secure residencies at the much-revered Robert Johnson in Offenbach and Panorama Bar in Berlin. French duo Masomenos,will also bring audio-visual show to the crowd plus Russian afterhours luminaries Abelle and Arma 17. And that’s just the Dark Side Stage! Here’s a run down of all of the acts for closing night:

Abelle * Alex Faster * Alexei Kononov * Andy Cato / Groove Armada Dj Set * Arma 17 * Bobina * Dasha Redkina * Evgeny Bardyuzha* Goshva * Io * Kurmyshev * Marco V * Masomenos * Mays * Nastia * Nikita Ukoloff * Petre Insperescu * Ranishe Niyaak * Raresh * Rhadoo * Ricardo Villalobos * Roman Katke * Sergey Sanches * Setka Night * Spartaque * Suhar’ * Tish * Utmost Dj * Zip

There is still much to come in the run up to the closing ceremony with highly-anticipated performances from dOP, Aeroplane, DJ T, Richie Hawtin,  Gaiser, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs,Guy Gerber, Art Department, Robert Babicz, Balthazar, Jesse Voorn and Joachim amongst others. But that’s not all. As we all know, it’s not just about who is playing at Kazantip…it’s what you can see, feel and experience during the project Yes, the ears will rejoice to the sounds and music you hear in Kazantip Republic but eyes will also be astounded and enchanted by processions, robots, incredible sights and seas of colour you may never have seen before. Kazantip is not what you think of it. But what you dream about…

In other news, Kazantip ihas also created a little application for visitors to the Republic to help make life brighter and merrier. The Kazantip App for iPhone lets you know what is going and when across the whole Republic. Check the lineup, find out the latest news, learn about the Kazantip Music Summit, discover all about the Z games and find directions, locations or even yourself on the Kazantip Map. The app automatically detects the language and switches to Russian or English depending on your phone’s settings. The versions for iPad and Android are also in the works. This is the first, rather simple, but not the last version of the App – it will be further developed on August 13, as part of the Second Summit on Mars, an industry discussion, where the developers will demonstrate the App, its functionality and possibilities. Download the App.

That’s it for now. And remember… Whatever you think, the Kazantip Republic is not what you think

The Full Lineup so far:

Abbele – Acos Coolkas – Aeroplane – Alai OliAlexander GalickiyAlexander Popov – Alexander Shumov – Alexander Zemtsov – Alexey Kononov – An-2 – Anna Galeta – Anna Lee – Anoesjka  – Anrilov – Anrilov / B-Voice – Anton Firtich – Araam Montana – Arkadiy Air – Artem – Arty – Neba – Artemiev – Arty – Audiofly- Balthazar – Belapee – Bell – Beltek – Bill PatrickBobina – Bobroy – Bomb The Bass – Breaking News – Cassy – Christian Cambas – Compass Vrubell – Copacabannark (Live) – Cosmonaut – D1 – Dandy  – Danny Howells – Dasha Redkina – Deadbeat – Deekline – Dejan Milicevic  – Demos – Denis A – Dennis Christopher – Derrick – Dharma (Live)  – Diablik – Dibby Dougherty – DJ T (Live) – Doorkeeper – dOP (Live) – Druma2rgi – Dsh- Dsh – Dubstepler – Duck – Dzen – Egor Boss Vs Mays – Eimic  – Electro Soul System – Elite Force – Exit Project – Feel – Fonarev – Fonarev & Melodica – Fuji Kureta – Fumia Tanaka – Fusion F – G.M.S. – Gaiser (Live) Gariy – Gavyn Mytchel- GGF – Golitcin (Live) – Goshva – Grad – Groove Armada / Andy Cato Gustavo Bravetti Gvozd – Half Dub Theory – Hard Rock Sofa (Live) – Hernan Cattaneo – Hubble – Ian F – Igor Glushko – Ilya Soloviev – Ivan Smagghe – IvanovJack Rock – James Zabiela – Jeremy Caulfield – Jesse Voorn – Jiu Jitsu – John 00 Fleming – John Askew John B – John Digweed – Johnnie Play – Jonty Skruff – Joseph – Karina – Karina Saakyan – Kirillof – Kolya – Kon’ – Kooqla – Korablove – Kris Menace – Kristina – Lady Waks – Leeroy Thornhill – Lena Popova – Lenny Ibizare – Lexani – List – Loveski – M.A.N.D.Y.  – Marc Roberts – Marc Romboy – Marika Rossa – Mark Knight – Mark Maya – Marten Hoeger – Masomenos – Matt Hoag – Mays – Melodica – Mihalis Safras – Mike Spirit – Miss Yo-Yo – Miusha – Mladen Tomic – MonarchyMoonbeam Feat Avis Vox (Live) – Nastia – Natasha Urman – Neoh – Nick Warren – Nickbee – Nikk – Nils – Ohn Askew – Oleg Ojo – Oleg Pak – Om – Omnia – On-The-Go – Patrick Siech – Paul Jackson – Pendulum Dj Set + Mc Wrek – Petar DundovPetre Insperescu 4kuba (Live) – Philippe – Playa Chic / Pascal Roth – Plump DJs – Polastri – Polina – Pompeya – Pony Pony Run Run – Portable(Live) – Proff – Pushkarev – Pushkin – Quest – R-Tem – Randall Jones – Raresh  – Rhadoo – Ricardo Villalobos – Richie Hawtin – Robert VadneyRoland AbelRomain Bro RomeoRonski SpeedRustSam O’neal – San Diego Boys (Jackson) – Sander Van Doorn – Sangers & Ra – Sasha Carassi – Serge Devant – Seven – Shantor –  Shushukin // Emu – Sinisa Tamammovic – Smart Apes – Sonar – Soundwalk Collective – Spartaque – Spektre (Dj Set) – Spy.Der – Suhar’ – Suhov – Sunchase – Sunny & Tagir – Sven Wittekind – Swanky Tunes (Live) – Tagraumer – Tam Tam – Technique & Yaroslove – The Maneken  – Therr Maitz – Timur Basha – Tokio – Tom Pooks – Tom Select – Tomato Jaws – Tonika – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) – Tripmastazz – Van Nosikov – Vigil Enzinger – Viper – Vladimir Acic  – Volodya Trapeznikov – Vova Klk – W.K.? – Xuman  – Yulya Yula – Zemine – ZIP – Zlata – Zorkin

For full details, including schedule go to

How to enter the Kazantip Republic

To register for your KaZantip visa and become part of the Republic this year visit You will then receive email notification of your application status. If your application is approved, you will get your visa fast and queue-free from the Visa Department on your arrival in the Republic . Currently tickets are cash only – you will pay when you collect your visa from the Visa Department at the gates.


July 30                                 The Gate Opening

Aug 06                                 Kazantip 2011 Opening Ceremony

Aug 11 – Aug 14                  The Second Music Summit On Mars

Aug 14 – Aug 18                  Lives on Mars

Aug 20                                 Kazantip 2011 Closing Ceremony

Aug 21 – Aug 27                  The Martian Aftermath



People attending the event are issued a special visa similar to a credit card with a barcode, which allows access in and out of Kazantip Republic.

There are two types of Republican Visa:

1 – Plastic multiple entry visa, granted for a month-long period, allows multiple entries into the Republic. Multiple entry visa will cost you about € 100;

2 – Single entry visa, or transit visa, or tourist visa, valid for one and only visit and cancelled as soon as the visitor leaves the territory of the Republic. Single entry visa is available for €50 each.

You must register for your visa online before arriving at Kazantip.. Citizens, who don’t pre-register on the website, can’t buy a visa on arrival in the Republic.  You can register online here ->
You are required to submit your personal data, email and a color photo (a passport style photo or similar is perfect) in digital format. Currently tickets are cash only – you will pay when you collect your visa from the Visa Department at the gates.

IMPORTANT. Citizens, who didn’t pre-register on the website, can’t buy a visa on arrival in the Republic. You can register online here ->