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AAA Music | 27 September 2020

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Artery to release dystopian album: ‘Civilisation’

| On 15, Aug 2011


New album ‘Civilisation’ due out late 2011
Artery – Civilisation by Bright Lights PR

In the back drop of a recession, rioting and the World seemingly turning itself inside out, Artery thrust themselves back into the fray with an album littered with modern dystopian commentary and its reflected no more in the lead track Civilisation; with its Industrial post punk crash of bass and drums and searing guitar lines Mark Gouldthorpe spits out:
“to the killers and the thieves take a good long look inside to the rapist and the thieves take a good long look deep down and to the little politician with the voice like a broken chain”

Originally formed in the industrial wastelands of Sheffield in 1978. The band released three studio albums and several singles / EPs. Championed by John Peel, they recorded two sessions for the show and featured in the 1982 ‘Festive 50’ at number 9 with the classic Into The Garden’. The band eventually broke up in 1985, posthumously releasing a live album of their final gig in Amsterdam.   Fast-forward to the year 2000 and the release of the film ‘Made In Sheffield’, which documented the explosion of post-punk and electronic music in the city. Made In Sheffield featured interviews with the band and footage from the Leeds Futurama Festival performance of ‘Afterwards’, regarded by many as one of the film’s most memorable and exciting moments.   2006 saw two retrospectives of the band’s work being released simultaneously: the ‘Afterwards’ and ‘Into The Garden’ compilation albums.   In 2007 Jarvis Cocker invited the band to reform for the prestigious ‘Meltdown’ festival at London’s Royal Festival Hall.   After performing several nostalgia-based shows, the band settled down in 2010 to write and record their first original material in over 20 years. The resulting studio album CIVILISATION is set for release later in 2011.

“Without their inspiration a lot of what took place in the intervening years probably wouldn’t have happened. Sometimes you see something & it opens a door somewhere in your head. I hope this does the same for you.” Jarvis Cocker

Brilliantly pulsating, almost motorik, three note bassline alongside some guitar dissonance that’s effectively prototype post-rock. And Gouldthorpe’s stage presence is just incredible. He stalks around, occasionally making mildly disturbing mime-artist type shapes with his hands; crouches down staring blankly into the midst of us”

Music Dash (2010)


The music of Artery, simply put, has the kind of nervous urgency and unsettled moodiness that few bands to be recently labelled “post-punk” can genuinely lay claim to.”

Music Vice (Aug 2010)


“Artery are the sound of Sheffield personified: a mirror to its individuality and sense of self depreciation: a perfect representative of the steel city – grey, layered, creative and ‘Unbalanced’!”

Our Generation Punk and Mod (2010)

After the feedback from a series of low key shows, Artery re-grouped and decided that this wasn’t time for nostalgia; during a mini documentary in 2009 Mark Gouldthorpe and Murray Fenton adamantly claimed that they had begun writing again and the music they have now is better than anything they’ve done before.

You can see the clip of Cherry Red TV’s ‘Live Wired’ Chamber Sept ’09 at:

As we come into late 2011 Artery are very much back and with big plans.

CIVILISATION is just the beginning.