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AAA Music | 28 May 2020

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The Boicotts release new EP in leadup to forthcoming album

| On 19, Aug 2011

Trashmouth Records proudly introduce… The Boicotts!

New EP with remix from Medicine 8 out now!

Hailing from Tokyo and with nothing to offer but the finest in raw Japanese garage rock! Their album “Apple Has No Pips” is ready to drop later this year, which, along with this EP was produced by L.D. May of Black Daniel and recorded and mixed at our very own Trashmouth Studios.

From the raw power punk and sweet choral melodies of “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Boy” to the intricate, knowing sparkle of “Marmite” to the fresh faced brilliant innocence of “Hero” The Boicotts have a charm and style that gets you where you like to be got!

And as if this wasn’t enough, Medicine 8 have only gone and turned in one of the most Jacked up, Jacked off, Jack in a box, got any jack and jills? remixes to grace an ear drum in who knows how long. There last remix of Black Daniel’s Mobile Phones is currently record of the month in DJ Magazine and this new remix is already picking up love from Dave Spoon, Tim Healy, Anderson Noise, Crookers, David Autokratz, Jelo, Hernan Cataneo and Tom Piper amongst others!

All in all it’s a super sweet package and The Boicotts will be coming to a theatre near you soon (provided front man *Manabu Sugar sorts out his visa)


The story of The Boicotts began shortly after Manabu was born, his parents were Tokyo intellectuals heavily involved in the avant-garde of the Japanese underground of the seventies, where Flares, Foucault and Folk was the order of the day. They deeply immersed the young Manabu in this new musical experiment. Every day they would teach him scales and chords and how to throw your hair against the fretboard. So, against a backdrop of Baader Meinhof-chic and psychedelic seediness of Saitama. Fast Forward to 2003: Manabu Sugar formed the Boicotts and established his own record label, Beat Meet Beat Records releasing his first single, ‘Do the Boicott’ in 2004. This spurred a tour of Japan in 2005 and eventually greener shores: an attempt to claim musical asylum in the UK in 2006. This was refused by the Ministry for Derivative Funk (MDF), but a subsequent further attempt was accepted. And so the modern incarnation of the Boicotts was formed. Manabu Sugar on lead Guitar and Vocals, Suki the Mossball on bass, and Kosei Terunuma on drums, the lineup was complete for global domination. That is until his Visa ran out…


The Boicotts are now ready to re-enter the UK and politely tear it a new A-hole…

VIVA The Boicotts!