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AAA Music | 23 September 2020

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Ben Sommers free downloads and debut album announcement

| On 22, Aug 2011

Ben Sommers
Sapien Express / Devil’s Day | Free Downloads

Sapien Express –

Ben Sommers – Sapien Express by Two Tap Digital

Devil’s Day –

Ben Sommers – Devil’s Day by Two Tap Digital

Download (includes 320mp3s and photo)
Debut Album ‘Avocado Chip’ available 3rd October
As an introduction to the forthcoming release of his debut album, the dystopian masterpiece ‘Avocado Chip’, Ben Sommers has released two mp3s from the album in the form of ‘Sapien Express’ and ‘Devil’s Day’.
To try to encapsulate the world of ‘Avocado Chip’ within two tracks would be a futile task, with it being a work of such diverse and imaginative creativity. But with ‘Sapien Express’ and ‘Devil’s Day’, Ben Sommers is at his most immediate, engaging and thrilling. With the former working on a driving pulse of tribal drums and swooning synths, and the latter leaving Sommers to hail his empassioned rallies through a band-shaped lens, the tracks will inevitably trail an indelible path for his forthcoming full length release.
Having established himself on the live London circuit as a peerless troubadour of hypnotic eccentricity, ‘Avocado Chip’ is the absorbing statement of intent that Ben Sommers was always destined to make. ‘Avocado Chip’ is a place; a state of mind; a dark vision of villains and political axe-wielders, Stepford wives, husbands, sons and daughters; con men and women; evil deeds and all manner of shenanigans, fully realised with consummate poetic vision and gloriously melodic panache.
‘Avocado Chip’ will be released on October 3rd worldwide on digital download.