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AAA Music | 7 June 2020

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Daily Archives: 29 August 2011

Mark Wirtz to release new album

29 August 2011 |

MARK WIRTZ Lost Pets 2 Rev-Ola POPPYCD013 Release Date: November 2011

Surely everyone knows the Northern Soul staple and theme music to German TV’s Beat Club (‘A Touch Of Velvet-A String Of Brass’)? Have heard how as a young staffer … Read More

Ganglians Terroreyes session posted

29 August 2011 |

Ganglians jam out with Terroreyes Still Living out now on Lefse Records 

Watch and share Ganglians Terroreyes session

Ganglians “That’s What I Want” from TERROREYES.TV on Vimeo.

When Ganglians hit LA on their recent tour, they met up … Read More

Little Roy – Battle Of Seattle

29 August 2011 |

Being a huge Nirvana fan, I was thrilled at taking an early listen to Little Roy’s Battle For Seattle and hearing a modern reggae twist on the grunge greats work, especially with the anniversary of Nevermind rolling around later … Read More

Deep Cut – Disorientation

29 August 2011 |

Sublime: elevated in nature or style, to change from solid to vapour directly, lifted or set high. ‘Disorientation’, the second album from Deep Cut fits every definition, as it flits from strong to spectral and back again with charm and … Read More

The Saltwater Band – Malk

29 August 2011 |

The Saltwater Band consists of eight musicians from the tiny Elcho Island, which has a population of only around 2,200 people. Their music is a fusion of new and old- ancient indigenous melodies and new reggae/ska songs.

Singer Geoffrey … Read More

Snippet – Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey

29 August 2011 |

I have spend the best part of this week listening to Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey by Snippet and it certainly an album which you need to listen to a few times before you can discover it’s charm but once you … Read More

Make Sparks – Your Heart’s On Fire

29 August 2011 |

Dundee, Scotland band Make Sparks has three members: Craig Parker (guitar & vocals), Bobby Garland (bass & vocals) and Adam Parker (drums & vocals). They’re a bit like fellow Scot-rockers Biffy Clyro.

Your Heart’s on Fire, … Read More

TD Lind – Coming Home

29 August 2011 |

TD Lind’s new single Coming Home from the album The Outskirts Of Prosper will be released on 29th August, 2011 on Dramatico Records.

He’s a talented artist, now a husband and father, who’s been compared with Ry Cooder, Damien … Read More

City Of Glass – Diving Bell EP

29 August 2011 |

Diving Bell EP is the second EP from Canadian duo City of Glass. This four track EP is acting as a precursor to their forthcoming album which should be out in 2012.

Taking influence from the likes of Radiohead … Read More

Tomson & Benedict ft. Bantu Soul – Blind

29 August 2011 |

All the remixes and the original version sound grate. They are all unique at the same time different.

“Blind” – this is the original version. The song is a dance track and it starts off with a classic electric drum … Read More