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AAA Music | 28 May 2020

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Tomson & Benedict ft. Bantu Soul – Blind

| On 29, Aug 2011

All the remixes and the original version sound grate. They are all unique at the same time different.

“Blind” – this is the original version. The song is a dance track and it starts off with a classic electric drum kick. It is accompanied with some vocals and a synthesiser. Later there are backing vocals that are being sung. “Tomson & Benedict ft. Bantu Soul” do a good job with making it a beach St. Trope/Ibiza style song. The way they sing in Spanish at times adds a touch of glamour. The way the synthesiser fades in helps to take you to the party.

“Blind (Remix 1)” this version starts off with some nice synthesisers being accompanied with some nice bongos and drums. Then the song gets the vocals known by “Tomson & Benedict ft. Bantu Soul”. The effects used are really unique and fit in well in this version to make a completely new song. “Blind (Remix 2)” this version starts off with a nice darker beat and the classic house drums which is then accompanied with synthesized effects.  The song also has the so known lyrics & vocals the song is really nice.  “Blind (Remix 3)” this version is the same as the “Remix 2”. This is an instrumental song which shows how well the song is constructed even without the beautiful lyrics. Towards the end of this version the listener is taken into a trance. This version has gone into the listeners head and it sounds completely like a new and different song. “Blind (Remix 4)” this version starts off with some nice African bongos being played it is acuminated with a synthesiser. Then the drums become more complete with the electric drums coming in. Then also a nice bass line is being played. Everything seems to fade in and complete itself. The synthesiser is the most noticeable change, because it is becoming more of a classic house song. Little tricks like that can change the atmosphere of a song. This is again an instrumental song. “Blind (Remix 5)” this version starts with the heavy synthesised house chords and is accompanied with some nice house drums. The effects that appear are well used. The vocals that are really nice and “Tomson & Benedict ft. Bantu Soul” are back to take us to the party. “Blind (Remix 6)” the version starts off with some classic house drums, which are accompanied by some nice bass lines and soft electric chords being played.  The guitar vocals sound more there, because the instruments are more basic than the other versions. At times there is some synthesized cords coming which is a nice addition to this version

Author: Enrico Dow