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AAA Music | 29 March 2020

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Cave post free track in leadup to album

| On 30, Aug 2011

As Chicago’s CAVE prepare to release their new album NEVERENDLESS via Drag City on 19 September, here’s a free MP3 of the track “Adam Roberts” to give you a taster of what to expect. The Chicago four-piece blend krautrock with psychedelic layers of sound, vibrant repetition and colourful instrumental melodies.

FREE TRACK (feel free to post!): “Adam Roberts” –



Drag City – 19 September

Welcome to NEVERENDLESS! You’re all on CAVE time now. This long player is the band’s first recording as a four-piece. As a result, NEVERENDLESS is more concise than any other CAVE record, despite clocking in at over 40 NEVERENDLESS minutes. With only four designated inputters, we hear a thicker, denser sound with the shop light burning bright on all those nuances. Thus, clarity ensues! And this new and neverendless focus achieves what CAVE has been doing all along anyway: inviting the listener to vibe with them.
“WUJ” could be an acronym, it could phonetic, it could be ignorant overture-ism – who knows and, frankly, who cares. We don’t title these songs ourselves – that went out a long time ago – but if we did, we probably would have called “This Is the Best” just that. It’s a mystery why CAVE chose this title – we don’t talk with them like that – but that’s just the way that song makes us feel. It’s the best almost-fifteen minutes in rock today.
“Adam Roberts” seems mean at first, with synth-bass-drum all crunching in time as if pulled from some Italidisco party, but then that organ just floats it right out of the gutter with a simple warble of the oh-so delicate vibrato. It’s one of those salty-sweet nuggs and serves as prelude to graduation. “On The Rise” is a six minute dose of driving rhythms, pulsations, flourishing tones and a hazy chant drifting-towards-peaking that makes all other attempts at transcendence seem like failed acid tests. And everyone needs some “OJ” on the come down right? Just know it’s heavy on the pulp.
You can say what you want about music and how things change: Repetition, heaviness and all else CAVE does is a part of some very human music buoying on the sonic sea CAVE fans have been floating in for some time. CAVE just keep on with the jamz.
Art for NEVERENDLESS is by Janus Zebulon, the latest CAVE cover artist to provide a visual indicator of the sounds your eyes otherwise might never perceive. But in this form, it’s perfect!
Up until now, music from CAVE has appeared on CAVE Tapes, Permanent, Important, Static Caravan, Trensmat and Drag City. Naturally.