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AAA Music | 17 November 2019

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Dangerous! – Movers ‘n Shakers

| On 31, Aug 2011

If you’ve heard the previous single from Aussie Punks Dangerous! then you’ll know precisely what to expect from this. They’re not identical, just, but they’re both full of 60’s inspired garage rock riffing, throat shredding screams that sound suspiciously similar to Nic Cester, singer of fellow Antipodeans Jet, if his hair was set on fire, and the most brain buggeringly simple drums since Seven Nation Army, except now there’s some slight variation in the form of a vaguely Foo Fighters-y chorus and a very superfluous synth moment near the end with doesn’t seem to do much beyond make the track oustay it’s welcome. This is a shame because Dangerous! were only ever tolerable because their songs were short enough to be exciting, rather than highly annoying, and with this single, they seem to have forgotten that crucial fact, so this manages to be something previously thought to be oxymoronic, both annoying, and incredibly bland. Avoid.


Author: Will Howard