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Daily Archives: 5 September 2011

Example – Playing In The Shadows

5 September 2011 |

With more producers than you could shake an entire rainforest at, Example’s second album is no doubt a sleek, slick affair that while not the stellar outing that truly breaks the mould, definitely pushes many of … Read More

Cranium Pie – Mechanisms

5 September 2011 |

Wait… did I wake up twenty years earlier than my normal eighties time-lag lifestyle allows? Cranium Pie are more trippy psychedelia than a cheap rainbow effects-laden flashback on a questionable sitcom. The guitars are 110% Gilmour … Read More

Amanda Palmer @ Heaven

5 September 2011 |

London, 02/09/2011

Fun. It’s a vastly underrated attribute to anything. When something is deemed “Fun”, usually it means that the thing in question is mildly diverting at best, cool but with no substance, all mouth and a pair of groovy … Read More

Matte Dibble – Daytime TV

5 September 2011 |

Here is an album I’m sure you won’t lose the chance to listen:

Daytime TV, a Matt Dibble creation, is a motley ensemble of different types, from funk to rock going through jazz, every track has is own state … Read More

Derek Sherinian – Oceana

5 September 2011 |

Let me make some preliminary remarks: I’m not a metal person.

Derek Sherinian’s new solo album is out and I’m sure that an horde of people is buying it online or in stores after months of killing waiting. Here it … Read More

Terminal Gods – Genesis

5 September 2011 |

Genesis is the debut EP from four piece goth-punk Terminal Gods. Despite the absence of a drummer instead opting for the use of a drum machine there is quite a lot of power behind the music. The … Read More

The Cambodian Space Project – The Moon’s Apsara Rides The Cosmic Golden Swan-Goose

5 September 2011 |

As someone whose general philosophy on music is the ‘the weirder the better’ when I was introduced to a band called The Cambodian Space Project with an album entitled The Moon’s Apsara Rides The Cosmic Golden Swan-Goose I needed to … Read More

DEVolution – Good Love

5 September 2011 |

Amazing dance tunes and all sound completely different to another.


Good Love (Anthems Not Bangers Remix) – starts off with a nice dance beat drums accompanied with some nice vocals. Then some nice lead keys … Read More

I’m Not Afraid – By Now Finally Alive

5 September 2011 |

The song started off with an acoustic guitar being strummed. It is accompanied with some nice piano chords. Then some nice female vocals come in. They are about not being scared anymore. When the violin comes in it is the … Read More

Wave Dweller – Rat Race

5 September 2011 |

Modern Jazz of the 50’s.

Jazz Hand – the song starts of with a looped brass effect. This sounds like from a movie in the 50’s. Then the drums come in and everything sounds differently … Read More