Helmholtz Resonators’ ‘Hades’ to be the fifth release on Trashmouth Records

On the 26th September Trashmouth Records are set to release their 5th offering to world: ‘Hades’ by The Helmholtz Resonators. ‘Hades’ is is a psychedelic rollercoaster ride through Hell with a big fat bass slapping you around the face and an array of manic synths giving you a vivid insight into dementia! Accompanying the single is a genuine Nu Acid-House monster remix from Medicine 8.

Trashmouth Records is the creation of producers/musician/DJ brothers Medicine 8 (Liam & Luke May). All releases are recorded and mixed by the brothers in their studio in South London. Where there may be loose links in genres between the Trashmouth Records release, there is a strong bond on vibes! Trashmouth release raucous party music with a quirky edge/humour and will continue to do so with more exciting tracks ready to be let loose through out the the rest of 2011 and beyond!