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AAA Music | 25 February 2020

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Daily Archives: 8 October 2011

Kidda – The Whistler

8 October 2011 |

Starting with what could easily be the middle buildup from ‘Hey Jude’, Kidda has landed on his feet here with ‘The Whistler’. Glasslike female vocals glimmer over a thick bassline, an electrified synth rhythm and of course, a prominent whistled … Read More

Flashguns – Passions of A Different Kind

8 October 2011 |

It’s a loaded name, Flashguns. One would be forgiven for thinking that they were dealing with some long forgotten 80’s hair metal band, ill fitting spandex and hairspray up the proverbial arse with nary a hint of irony, subtlety … Read More

Dave Hause – Resolutions

8 October 2011 |

Godammit punk singers of today, why must all of you take a sabbatical from your bands to make solo records that are indebted to the holy triumvirate of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen? It would be getting … Read More


8 October 2011 |

Matt Dibble and Fabio Zambelli are jazz artists who respectively play clarinet and guitar. They met at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London nine years ago and are internationally known. Their ensemble also includes Luca Fraula … Read More

Goin’ Back: The Definitive Dusty Springfield

8 October 2011 |

Goin’ Back: The Definitive Dusty Springfield is a landmark collection celebrating one of the leading female vocalists of the 20th Century, all put together with loving care and attention by Dusty associates, experts and aficionados.

In a lavish pink box, … Read More

Van Susans @ The Indig02

8 October 2011 |

London, 24.09.11

With a happily inebriated Saturday night crowd mixed merrily with smatterings of DB ‘Summer Love’ T-shirt sporting teeny-boppers and the regular melange of diehard fans and musos alike, the scene is set for Van Susans’ biggest gig … Read More

Introducing Backpages eBooks

8 October 2011 |

Rock’s Backpages, the world’s largest online library of rock journalism, announces the launch of its new Backpages eBooks division, headed up by former MOJO editor Mat Snow.


Backpages eBooks consists of two series:

• Backpages Anthologies collects … Read More

Sam Gray – Brighter Day

8 October 2011 |


Sam Gray is a British singer-songwriter who sounds like an American singer-songwriter. His debut album – ‘Brighter Day’ – is a collection of breezy acoustic songs that shine brightly (sorry) in their simplicity. Perhaps it’s his warm vocals and … Read More

Introducing Random Impulse!

8 October 2011 |

Josie Payne met with the man behind Random Impulse, here’s what she discovered!

AAAmusic: Hiya, How are you?!

Random Impulse: I’m really good thanks! Feeling awesome!

AAAMuic: So first things first, tell us why Random Impulse?

RI: Why I’m … Read More

TURBOWOLF meet David Icke – Jägermeister video interview

8 October 2011 |

ICEBREAKER II: Turbowolf meet David Icke – Coming Soon (6th October)!


Metal meets mysticism in the second episode of the Artrocker Magazine & Jägermeister Icebreaker series, in which rising UK rockers Turbowolf get to break the ice with … Read More