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AAA Music | 31 March 2020

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Forest Fire – Staring At The X

| On 17, Oct 2011

“Rhythmic, spacious, crazy effects and totally amazing”


Born Into – The song starts off with an electric guitar being played and being accompanied with some nice lyrics. The guitar turns out to have some trippy effects until the drums and the bass come in and complete the sound. The song grabs the listener into a trance. Grate song to start the album.

Future Shadows – This song starts off with drums. The vocals also really fit in well with the echo effect. Then some rhythmic guitar chords come in and everything becomes really spacious, because this makes the listener drift into another dimension.

The News – The song starts off with an electric guitar being plucked with some nice effects. Then vocals come in that get completed with the rest of the band. The overall feel is that there is backing news. This gets portrait well with effects and different instruments.

They Pray Execution Style – The songs starts with some spacious effects and dirty guitar. The vocals are really greater how they are accompanied. When the bass comes in the tempo changes. The listener is obviously taken into another trace. Crazy effects are being used. This song just makes you ant to dance till you drop.

Staring At The X – The song starts off in a similar style the previous song has finished off with. It quickly changes mood and becomes more like a country song. The song has all the right elements like an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums bass and of course amazing vocals with the right tone.

Blank Appeal – The song starts off with some nice spacious effects that are being created with an electric guitar and bass. Quickly they change and the sound becomes more of a dark appeal to the listener. The electric guitar solo towards the end is really decent.

Mtns Are Mtns – The song starts off with an acoustic guitar being strummed rhythmically. There are some vocals that are being accompanied which fit really well. The drums, bass and string instruments sound great.

Visions In Plastic – The song starts off with some nice drums being accompanied with some nice electric, acoustic guitar strummed and plucked to fit each other’s sounds. The vocals are really touching and fit in really well to touch the listener and bring him into another dimension. Grate emotional song to finish an amazing album.

Author: Enrico Dow