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AAA Music | 20 January 2022

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This Calamity release “Animals” EP

| On 20, Oct 2011

Animals” is the debut release from This Calamity. It is a three-track body of music that truly displays the

vast ranging musicality of both the instrumentation and the songwriting that develops throughout. Each track

is a demonstration of the artistic capabilities of this songwriter. Vocal harmonies that really emphasize and

colour the melodies, relentless acoustic guitar parts that drive the music forward and gracefully delicate

piano ostinatos are among some of the distinctive features that bring this release to life.


The E.P. begins with the track “Be Near Me Now”, a dream like piece that acts as an introduction, clearly

setting the mood for what is to follow but only really ‘dipping a toe’ into this eclectic brand of alternative rock/

pop. This is then followed by the title track “Animals”, a piece layered with sublime vocals, driving acoustic

guitars that musically act as the backbone behind everything and emotive piano work. The piece is then

brought to life with some flourishes from a string section that brings everything together in a rather beautiful

way. The E.P. closes climatically with the song “Caesar,” which is a piece that really explores the style that

This Calamity is laying out and ends the E.P. in such a way that leaves you wanting more. A fitting end for

the first release from an artist that is sure to bring something as equally interesting in the future.

The “Animals” E.P. is available free-of-charge from 7-10-2011 at 7pm from