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AAA Music | 22 September 2020

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Daily Archives: 31 October 2011

Weird Shapes – Blue Sky At Night

31 October 2011 |

Blue Sky at Night by Weird Shapes is not what you expect it to be. From the start with it arpeggiated acoustic riff circling round that underpins the whole track sound like a set up to something that could … Read More

The Soft moon – Total Decay EP

31 October 2011 |

San Francisco’s electronic noise post-punks The Soft Moon are set to release Total Decay EP their follow up their self-titles debut and given the cold, dark nature of their music what beter day to release it than on Halloween.

Read More

Earth Prayer – Nine Days

31 October 2011 |

Earth Prayer are a classic rock style aimed at the kind of people who read Classic Rock and they are about to release their debut album Nine Days.

Firstly I would like to say that fundamentally I don’t have … Read More

Summer Camp – Welcome To Condale

31 October 2011 |

Finally out on Moshi Moshi is Welcome to Condale, first album for Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey, aka Summer Camp. After two years of beautiful singles, Welcome To Condale matches the high expectations of critics and audience.

For anyone … Read More

Moon Duo – Horror Tour EP

31 October 2011 |

Say goodbye to the upbeat atmospheres of Mazes, it’s Halloween after all, and enter the cold cave of Horror Tour. Colorado-based band Moon Duo releases a new EP in the name of new explorations into Kraut landscapes and VU’s … Read More

Born Blonde – Radio Bliss

31 October 2011 |

This song starts off with a nice chords being played on a piano with a echo effect. There is also a chords being strummed rhythmically on a guitar. The vocals also are really sweet and fit in well. When … Read More

Buraka Som Sistema – Komba

31 October 2011 |

‘Nice electronic beats with experimental times and influences from african roots’


Eskeleto (feat African Boy)- The song starts off with a nice synthesized effect and it is accopmianated with some nice vocals. Then the beat comes in and … Read More

Smoove & Turrell – Hard Work/ Money

31 October 2011 |

Hard Work – The song starts off with a piano chords being played. They are being accopmianated with some nice drum pattern. The vocals that are being played are also really fitting. The song is really has a nice … Read More

Sweet Sweet Lies – No one Will Love You (Like I do)

31 October 2011 |

New single by Brightoners Sweet Sweet Lies is all that that name conveys – duplicitious, bittersweet, cheeky and twee. All in the best ways possible. Noone Will Love You (Like I Do) is a malicious acoustic ballad that’s as passionate … Read More

Flash Fiktion – Artificial Colours

31 October 2011 |

Warning: this single contains strobe lighting. And the best use of the cowbell since Daft Punk is Playing at My House. Flash Fiktion’s new release Artificial Colours is an epileptic piece of electro-pop, and has a chorus that’s so profanely … Read More