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AAA Music | 30 September 2020

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| On 08, Nov 2011

On 5 December Welsh born solo artist Paul Freeman releases his highly anticipated follow up single, ‘Throwing Stones’, through Estupendo / Universal Records.

This single release follows a successful American tour for Paul Freeman, who supported Roger Daltrey on his US tour dates. Winning over his American audiences and causing a stir amongst the media, “Freeman proved himself a consummate performer, from his natural stage banter to superior songwriting” – Riverfront Times, St Louis.

‘Throwing Stones’ captures the essence of cool from all the 60’s inspired greats, exuding the suave style of James Dean and infused with flavours from Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen.

Freeman’s previous single ‘The Girl who Broke in Two’ introduced his natural talent for word craft, whilst ‘Throwing Stones’ oozes Springsteen-esque vocals and gravelly coolness. The song explores the story of two young lovers desperately wanting to leave the small town they live in and, like most people, start the hunt for something more in life, taking their chances, and never looking back.

A story about ‘escapism, ‘Throwing Stones’ has a special resonance for Freeman, who was inspired whilst traveling through small deserted towns in Middle America, which “in most cases, had their best years behind them”. ‘Throwing Stones’ reflects Freemans’ love for both the States and the UK:.

“It’s not just a song about America, it’s about the UK as well…. it’s really just an observation on our modern society and economic status all dressed up in a three minute story about two lovers…!”

Whether it’s the States or the UK, Paul Freeman is set to make a splash with ‘Throwing Stones’, and his debut album will follow in 2012.

‘Throwing Stones’ is released on Estupendo / Universal Records
on 5 December