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AAA Music | 3 August 2020

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The Helmholtz Resonators // New single Isobar

| On 01, Dec 2011

Trashmouth Records are ecstatic to announce there December/Christmas release will be The Helmholtz Resonators new single Isobar released on 19th December 2011. Having had to refuse many offers and blank hundreds of phone calls from George Michel, Cliff Richard, Bob Geldof and all those other Christmas Nazi’s, Trashmouth Records can’t wait to show you their chosen Christmas offering!

The Helmholtz Resonators are inviting you on a journey through time and space where you’ll witness great fallen empires, roaring passion in your heart, untouched galaxies and maybe some unicorn depending on the volume you take.

Their new single Isobar is psychedelic anthem that will make the all hair on the back of your neck and back of your back stand up! The galloping bass guides you on this journey while the harmonic chants take you to another planet! Filled with the synth quirkiness that we love the Helmholtz for but with added maturity and more refined making this the best release from the guys to date!


It is accompanied by an Amazing Acid House remix of the absolute finest quality from mystery man Johnny Aux! (If he would let us tell you who he was you’d be as excited as we are to have him on the mix) Close your eyes and you will transported to a dark basement in Chicago witnessing the birth of a religion!