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AAA Music | 31 March 2020

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Alvin Purple – Huh her/ Please Please

| On 12, Jan 2012

Alvin Purple release single “Huh Her” with b-side “Please Please” on January 23rd. This 4 piece from Leeds take their name after a 1970’s comedy movie. However it is an 80’s influence that can be heard in their glam electro-pop.  “Huh her” is an upbeat track with an incredibly catchy bass line that is sure to stick in your head for hours.

The built up chorus has a twinge of “The Gossip” but with rather sweeter vocals by lead singer Carly Humphries. Her vocals show an impressive range with her hitting high notes in falsetto and  low notes with equal confidence. There are some interesting sounds going on in this single, particularly with the guitar breakdown near the end of the song.

“Please Please” is a slightly more melancholy track but it’s nice to hear that Alvin Purple have a coherent sound- both tracks have a distinct sound that separates them from the hundreds of other UK bands in this genre. This track is well-polished and sounds as equally radio ready as “Huh Her”. Overall this is an impressive release from Alvin Purple who show lots of potential and great creativity in their tracks.


Orna Lyons