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AAA Music | 3 August 2020

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New compilation: ‘The First Rock And Roll Record’ with bonus tracks, Valentine’s Day songs

| On 13, Jan 2012

Famous Flames Records

·       Valentine’s Day Double A-Side Single
·       Bonus Tracks


As the heart swells during the first few weeks of February when we celebrate Valentine’s Day and we want to show that special someone that we care, what better way to tell them that we really love them than to give them the gift of music. Featuring the most extensive history of Rock’n’Roll ever set to compact disc, ‘The First Rock and Roll Record’ also includes 13 Additional Bonus tracks via download, which offers a couple of the greatest love songs of all time in Johnny Ace’s “Pledging My Love” and the Penguins’ “Earth Angel”, which will be released together as a download single on 13 February.

Valentine’s Day Single Song Links

Johnny Ace “Pledging My Love” –

The Penguins “Earth Angel” –

Including the bonus tracks, the collection contains a hefty 95 tunes, tracing the roots of rock ‘n’ roll as a phrase and musical genre, in its quest to find that musical Holy Grail, the First Rock And Roll Record!

Now that’s a proper present!

More info here:

‘THE FIRST ROCK AND ROLL RECORD’ – BONUS TRACKS (Available as a free download on purchase of the First Rock’n’Roll Record CD)

The first release on Famous Flames, ‘The First Rock And Roll Record’ is an extensive collection that traces the very roots of the term rock ‘n’ roll. It began, we believe, at a religious camp meeting in 1916, before travelling far and wide and stealing from everyone. This set gathers together the music that first mentioned the words “rock” and “roll”, alongside the many styles that were infused into the genre’s revolutionary sound to create the eventual marriage of everything from hillbilly soul to jazz, blues and RnB which culminated in worldwide hits including ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ and ‘Rock Around The Clock’.

Based on the out of print book ‘What Was The First Rock ‘n’ Roll Record?’ By Jim Dawson and Steve Propes (with an editorial cue from The Guardian and a host of online message boards) this intoxicating mix of styles adds up to the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. Thirty-seven of the Top 50 songs selected by Dawson and Propes are featured in this collection and the rest can be found via the 13 bonus tracks available as a free download on purchase of the CDs. This opens up a whole wealth of further listening material, with tracks from the likes of Lonnie Johnson, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Hank Williams (see tracklisting below).

The First Rock And Roll Record – Bonus Tracks

1. Jack McVea: Open The Door, Richard (1946)

2. Lonnie Johnson: Tomorrow Night (1948)

3. John Lee Hooker: Boogie Chillen (1948)

4. Professor Longhair: Mardi Gras In New Orleans (1949)

5. Muddy Waters: Rollin’ and Tumblin’ (1950)

6. Hardrock Gunter: Birmingham Bounce (1950)

7. Hank Snow: I’m Movin’ On (1950)

8. Ruth Brown: Teardrops From My Eyes (1950)

9. Johnnie Ray with the Four Lads: Cry (1951)

10. Bill Haley and the Saddlemen: Rock The Joint (1952)

11. Hank Williams: Kaw-Liga (1953)

12. Penguins: Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) (1954)

13. Johnny Ace: Pledging My Love (1954)


The modern definition of rock ‘n’ roll was set by ground-breaking disc jockey Alan Freed but long before he uttered those immortal words, its formula was the stuff of much conversation. ‘The First Rock And Roll Record’ continues that trend. It is not only a hefty collection but also an ongoing debating point, a central theme to a growing online discussion. The three CD set traces the evolution of rock ‘n roll music, from blues, jazz, swing, RnB, Gospel, bluegrass barrelhouse boogie woogie and western swing through interlinking and overlapping scenes.

From the first use of the word “rock”, to the hybrid of “rocking and rolling”, every track tells a story at the count down to the end of the ’50s.

Featuring a string of standalone bonafide classics that inspired Chuck Berry, the Stones, Beatles, Elvis, Dylan, Clapton, The Clash, Nick Cave, The White Stripes and their many descendents.

With rare hard-to-find cuts from cylinders to 78s, soundtracks and vintage 45s.

Remastered and balanced for a luxurious but rocking audio experience.


The Guardian 5/5
“The First Rock and Roll Record is proof that sometimes, the evidence is more interesting than the verdict.”
Record Collector 4*s
“You already know many of the tunes… but it’s good to hear them in a historical context. Well annotated and tidily packaged. This works.”
The Times 4*s
“… if the archaelogical journey of this excellent three-disc compilation is to be trusted, rock’n’roll goes much further back than most of us imagined.”
Clash 8/10

“This superb collection not only sets out to capture those rock and roll roots but fuels the debate by throwng up potential influences from the very roots of modern music.”