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AAA Music | 9 August 2020

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The Vickers release new video

| On 13, Jan 2012

The Vickers were born in Florence (Italy) in 2007. In January 2008 they have been chosen for playing at the International Pop Overthrow (IPO), traveling music festival, for the Liverpool’s Cavern Club stage held in May. Their debut album “Keep Clear” was released 13th February 2009. The album was positively received by the most important national musical revues and international blogs and webzines. From March 2009 the band appeared in national magazines like GQ, and their songs are currently getting airplay on important radios like Radio RAI (Radio Televisione Italiana). Their first single video “The Only One” has been in heavy rotation on MTV and other national networks and it has partecipated in many international film festivals (Chicago Reel Shorts Festival, Queen’s International Film Festival). After the debut album the band recorded the acoustic EP “Sofa Sessions”, released only for the web in May 2010. In the summer of the same year The Vickers played at the famous italian festival Italia Wave. The band always gave the best on stage in their live perfomances, they played in Italy over 100 shows in two years. They supported many european artists during their young career, John Power (The La’s), Joy Formidable (UK), Theoretical Girl (UK), Eight Legs (UK). The band recorded the new LP called “Fine For Now” in autumn, released in February 2011. Eleven songs mixed by Steven Orchard (Paul McCartney, Pulp, U2, Iggy Pop) and mastered by Jon Astley (The Who, Stereophonics, Paul McCartney) that range from the recent british rock and the american independent rock tradition, all collected with consistency and an inspired songwriting. The album was released on July 20, 2011, in Japan, by Flake Records.

“The album has a direct and surprising impact”
GQ (I)

“There are no fillers”
BlowUp Magazine (I)

“The Vickers has reached their ideal form with this second album…They know how to write songs that caress and scratch if necessary.”
Rumore (I)

“A very good album to arrive this summer”
Rockerilla (I)

“Eleven songs for a perfect playing time: about thirty-five minutes that range from indie/rock and britpop, cathy tunes and sparkling guitars”
Indie For Bunnies (I)

“Second track ‘You Think I’m Playing’ is a quality pop song and both I and The Vickers are wondering why it hasn’t already torn a swathe across our top 40, and 5th track ‘These Things Come To An End’ is only one click of a foot pedal away from an actual Arctic Monkeys hit”
Tasty Fanzine (UK)

“Try and imagine the Arctic Monkeys sans the grit of the English working class and you’ve got the idea. With an arsenal of guitar effects and a gift for snappy pop timing […] they’re taking American music and making it their own”

“With The Vickers you can listen to an amazing british pop!”
Glamour (I)

“A great record”
Rockit (I)

“The Vickers are probably within the final proposals of the best indie rock of the new generation birth in Italy”
Nerds Attack (I)

“No reverb here -for once- just nice Brit-poppy jangles with shades of Vampire Weekend, and a Bob Dylan vocal drawl. The Vickers’ sound is warm as a sunny Tuesday morning. If you lobotomize that hipster side of your brain for 3.5 minutes, you’d tap your feet to the fun, solid indie rock”
MTV Iggy (US)

“This would be right at home in Indie clubs up and down the country. It’s music to drink beer and chat up girls too. Its youthful and carefree”
Loud Horizon (UK)

“The really brilliant thing about this set is how it manages to be ultra crisp and still stylishly smeared in real pop filth”
Unpeeled (UK)