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AAA Music | 15 July 2020

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Charlotte Gainsbourg – Anna

| On 21, Jan 2012

“Anna” the newest release by Charlotte Gainsbourg is taken from her 2011 double album “Stage Whisper”.  This album received mixed reviews from critics, many of whom felt that the tracks that made up this album were merely cast off’s from her previous successful collaboration album “IRM” which was written and co-produced by Beck.

Nevertheless, “Stage Whisper” has been well received by Gainsbourg’s loyal fans- who are happy to listen to her signature style. “Anna” portrays her distinct sound perfectly- it is typically smooth with the smooth silky vocals leading the track. The bass guitar gives the track an added depth and warmer sound.

There are not many stand out features in this track- the guitars strum along on the beat, the drums are almost monotonous and the harmonies quite obvious. However there is definitely something intriguing about “Anna”. Perhaps it is Gainbourg’s notoriously mesmerizing, breathy vocals that manage to be so captivating over the course of two and a half short minutes. In any case, this sleepy song will probably not be Gainbourg’s next hit but it is a perfect chill out song that many will enjoy.


Orna Lyons