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AAA Music | 8 April 2020

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Hundred Dollar Cigar – Gaffitnik

| On 22, Jan 2012

Brand new from Hundred Dollar Cigar comes Gaffitnik – originally from their name, their sound is not at all what’s expected. So, minus any preconceptions one may form around their apparent “rap/r’n’b” first impression; Graffitnik have something going on for them. With a sound that’s a delicate cross between the best of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Led Zeppelin.

The eight track album is full to the brim of lively and exciting bursts of energy that just push the album forward.

Each track takes the best of each element of classic rock and throws them into a recording studio and makes them almost unique. The entire album has that feel of a live vibe, that Hundred Dollar Cigar wouldn’t half be a band to see live. Tracks such as ‘Preachers Son’ and ‘The Town Is Dead’ are bursting with that atmospheric live attitude, combining heavy raw vocals layered over tight knit riffs and a pounding bass.

‘Let It Go’ is the stand out track from the album with Luke Womersley’s insanely unique vocals coming through strongest out of any others. A foot tapping beat courtesy of steady drums and an almost anthem esque feel that can easily be imagined being performed on a sunny main stage at some festival being aired on BBC Three.

Listen to the album a few times over and it’s not hard to find yourself tapping your foot and singing along. Graffitnik may not be the most aesthetically pleasing album, each song just moulds into the next and it feels as if there’s just one long song that makes up the album, on the first listen but after it’s been endured a couple of times over it’s a growing entity that after all isn’t as painful on the ears as you’d first think.


Elly Rewcastle