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AAA Music | 5 March 2021

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Capital Sun – Forgotten Songs

| On 29, Jan 2012

Capital Sun must be doing something right. Formed a little over a year ago and having managed to nail support slots for massive bands like The Enemy and The View, Capital Sun are well on their way in the industry even drawing in a nice following that are dedicated to the bands every release, sitting them in a nice place for the upcoming future.

Influenced by a lot of the late 60’s and early 70’s classic bands lie The Doors and Iggy Pop to name a few, their debut single, Forgotten Songs, can easily hold its own amongst the big names of the genre and not look out of place. The influences of the band have clearly shone through in the single. ‘Forgotten Songs’ and ‘D.O.C’ make up the two tracked single release, both tracks of which offer something aesthetically pleasing, setting up hugh standards for the next release from the Birmingham four piece.

Regardless of their musical influence, opening with a toe tapping bear typical of the early 70’s, the lyrics are scarily contemporary bringing the 70’s sound back into 21st century music. With a sound that belongs on the radio, ‘Forgotten Songs’ is carefully crafted; Luke Western offers a bass that stands out across the whole track giving the songs it’s initial vibe and brings together the unity of the band amongst guitar, drums and vocals.

B-Side track ‘D.O.C’ is next to follow and opens once again with another catchy infectious top tapping beat.  The acoustic guitar lingers over the track even after it’s finish, a true lasting impression on any listener, giving a keen similarity to that of Pink Floyd/Phil Collins sound that becomes much clearer throughout this track particularly in Glen Boden’s calm vocals. The song then breaks down into a typical 70’s guitar solo that picks up the pace and pushes forward the song. ‘D.O.C’ is a track that would be insane to hear live, there definitely energy somewhere and even though it appears to be restrained on the studio version, I’m sure that when played live D.O.C would own any music venue.

The Capital Sun boys launched the single on January 28th before embarking out on a few dates across the midland so be sure to check them out there. If you can’t make it to a gig then, if nothing more, remember their name because I’m sure you’ll stumble across it again sooner or later.


Elly Rewcastle