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AAA Music | 7 July 2020

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Daily Archives: 3 February 2012

Phantom Limb @ Monto Water Rats

3 February 2012 |

London, 31st January

Phantom Limb is a great name for a band. The medical sensation it refers to –where a person feels that a missing body part is both still there and functioning – conjures up all sorts of metaphorical … Read More


3 February 2012 |

Phantom Limb is an English country and soul band from Bristol, England. They finely mix blues, gospel and R&B, achieving a distinctive style reminiscent of Union Station, America and Bread.


The band comprises: Yolanda Quartey, Stew Jackson, Andy … Read More

The Megaphonic Thrift – The Megaphonic Thrift

3 February 2012 |

To be honest, I hadn’t heard much from The Megaphonic Thrift before – their debut ‘Decay Decoy’ seemingly passed me by. So this, their self-titled follow up, has acted as my introduction to the Norwegian indie quartet, who are … Read More

Kiros – Lay Your Weapons Down

3 February 2012 |

Listening to Kiros’ ‘Lay Your Weapons Down’, I’m teleported back to the surreal land of musical discovery I went though a few years back, dabbling in that nebulous region of “emo” and discovering that rather American brand of introspective … Read More

Elsie – The Assassin

3 February 2012 |

Step away from the slightly cringeworthy press release, and Elsie could potentially be touching upon something. There’s elements of Blondie in the guitar pop framework, and indeed shades of hedonistic lad rock attitude, and even a sense of a … Read More

Kopek – Love is Dead

3 February 2012 |

Melodic stoner type rock, about the destruction of the music scene, It’s really catchy this record is not dead it’s alive and it has some style to it one of the first records that has gripped me by the … Read More

Honour Before Glory – The Maison EP

3 February 2012 |

Honour Before Glory is the name of the new solo output from former ¡Forward, Russia! guitarist, Whiskas, and co-founder of ultra-cool label Dance To The Radio. This Leeds-based indie hero digitally released his debut album ‘This Is Broken Lines’ … Read More

Grannies Club – Wait & See

3 February 2012 |

Grannies Club are an Italian four-piece indie-rock band, who formed just outside Rome four years ago. The band is centred round founder, frontman, and guitarist David Comanducci, and completed by Fondi on drums, Falconi on guitar, and Lolli on … Read More

Luke Ritchie – Water’s Edge

3 February 2012 |

I didn’t realise this was a new album out I have seen this around for a while but maybe this is just the proper release of the album. It has some great soulful harmonies on this album and I … Read More

Michael Maclennan – Wolves

3 February 2012 |

I had heard some good things about Michael and they were right the standard of this album is very good, sounding like a young Damien Rice. I really like the cover it is simplistic and does look like something … Read More