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AAA Music | 23 March 2019

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Littlemores – Idle Idols II EP

| On 12, Feb 2012

Little bit of an odd combination, Indie and Ska, but the Littlemores manage to make it work as a combination. And it certainly gives the Littlemores a standout point, which makes it a very clever one. The Littlemores’ first EP explores this genre-splice and gives us a real feel of just who the Littlemores are.

From the very start of the EP the Yorkshire accent is very prominent. Femme Fargin  hits us with thick Yorkshire accents, which rather than being any kind of put off, are genuinely endearing and gives the band an edge. The mix of Ska, Indie and Yorkshire accent gives the Littlemores their own style and a unique presence. Charlie Blow and Larry are the standout tracks: bright, terribly catchy and filled with trumpets, this is how Ska should sound. The Ska influence is very prominent and really works for their style.

For the Lads adds some variety, being a slower emotional track. Simple, but brilliant; more on the indie side of the spectrum, as is Idle Street. There is a very good mix breakdown between styles on this album which really keeps things interesting. Idle Street makes for an excellent closure and leaves the listener with a feeling of wanting to hear more from these charming Yorkshire lads, five tracks being the perfect amount to give us a real sense of the band and their music but also leave us eager for more.

Overall a wonderful combination, your classic Indie set up but with a Ska skake up. A good fusion of guitars, trumpets and Yorkshire charm. Could easily be the new Artic Monkeys.


Rose Benge