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AAA Music | 31 March 2020

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Jon Paul Palombo – A Winter’s Night Live

| On 13, Feb 2012

Singer/songwriter JonPaul Palombo was already making metaphorical headlines across the UK music scene. Backed firmly by both the BBC and MTV, both major contributors to the music scene, Palombo is certainly going for it big.

The Bradford raised lad was always set out for a career in music, at a very young age he’d been recruited by the BBC Philharmonic Choir. Inspired by such legends as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury only determine how exciting his sound will develop into.

‘A Winter’s Night Live’ offer up a nice insight into Palombo’s experience’s of the urban life on London’s streets and how they have become the core of his song writing experience. The 5 track E-P is just clear evidence of why the support behind Palombo is there because there is certainly talent.

Opener ‘Age Old Face’ resembles that very mix of various inspirations; there’s an element of Twin Atlantic (Scottish rock band making it big in the scene) but there’s also a massive element similar to The View, who made it big with their 2006 #1 hit ‘Same Jeans’ and I feel that Palombo’s ‘Age Old Face’ has this potential…just not the audience reach.

‘Call It Off’ follows, taking a much slower and calmer tone this time, which follows straight into ‘People’ the standout on the EP, which consists of Palombo’s voice and his acoustic guitar for the most part. ‘People’ highlights possible influences from Arctic Monkey’s.

‘Just Friends’, a touching track about romance makes ‘Just Friends’ the most relatable on the EP before flowing into ‘Whole in My World’ which is just as relatable if not the darkest on the EP. The track picks up the speed of the EP we noticed on opener ‘Age Old Face’.

‘A Winter’s Night Live’ is an EP that translates the talent from JonPaul Palombo in a way that should set him above quite a lot of those artists in the limelight. Transferring a mix of instruments and various influences together to make these five tracks is an incredible achievement.

‘A Winter’s Night Live EP’ is out for worldwide download 15th January 2012. Get it on iTunes now.
Elly Rewcastle