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AAA Music | 24 February 2020

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Jonny Cola and the A-Grades @ Dublin Castle

| On 23, Feb 2012

London, 22nd February

The new kings of the indie scene have been crowned and they are London’s glam rebel’s Jonny Cola and the A-Grades, it might not be upto date but retro is cool and after ‘Blur’ blowing away the ‘Brit Awards’ It’s time for a brit pop revival, they might have swagger of ‘Menswear’ but they have the jitter of ‘T-Rex’ and the malice of ‘Suede’ so if you think all of this in one band that makes a pretty amazing creation. A while back the english scene was full of great bands does anyone remember ‘David Devant and his spirit Wife’ ‘Supergrass’ and ‘These animal Men’ if you do you will full in love with this band, who melodys are catchy and stage pressence is out of 70’s TOTP. Everyone is dancing to room shaker ‘The Party’s Over’ and new single ‘Halo’ which is already a fan favourite and has an amazing video on you tube. I am quite taken a back by this band it’s like being 14 again and I have alot of happy memories from that time when you used to go down to the shops on a monday morning. I advise you to get to see this band on the small stage cause they won’t be their very long. I even got fans of the band coming up to me on the train going didn’t you love Jonny Cola and I would have to say I love the A-Grades. All smiles at a glitter extravaganza!!!

Jonny Cola and the A-Grades – Setlist
Straight to Video
Shooting Up
The Party’s Over
Rain stopped Play
Fireworks / Gunshots
Marlborough Road


Daniel Cairns