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AAA Music | 7 July 2020

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Daily Archives: 26 February 2012

Terminal Gods release debut 7″ single ‘Electric Eyes’, free bonus downloads available with vinyl purchase

26 February 2012 |

“[Threatening] to spatter and spill over in a riot of colour that belies their shadowy uniforms; debut single Electric Eyes is a perfect clash of Johnny Thunders rock ‘n’ roll attitude and the thoroughly English allure of … Read More

Severin – High Shot

26 February 2012 |

‘High Shot’ is the chosen single from Severin’s debut EP, ‘Everything Breaks’. I’ve never had such a job of identifying the sound of a band until I was sent this record. Nevertheless, the best I can pin it down … Read More

Cold in Berlin – …and The Darkness Bangs / The Lie

26 February 2012 |

Recorded in a former mental hospital in South East London, backing onto a cemetery and woods, the single has a dark, eerie and gothic feel to it. Both musically and vocally, Cold in Berlin offer a sound reminiscent of … Read More

Scholars – Bad for Business

26 February 2012 |

Scholars are an Indie-rock quartet, hailing from Hemel Hempstead in quiet, hoary Hertfordshire and are here to liven the place up a bit. And with their catchy, upbeat, half-singing, half-shouting attitude they just might make it. Despite the rather … Read More

Cast of Cheers – Family

26 February 2012 |

It may be hard to take seriously a band that got 8/10 from the Daily Star, but don’t let that put you off. Family is the debut single from the Cast of Cheers, the band of four hailing from … Read More

Dodgy- Stand Upright In a Cool Place

26 February 2012 |

Dodgy- you may remember them as part of the 1990’s Britpop pack, lesser known comrades of Blur and Oasis they are riding the reunion wave and have released their first album since 1996 “Stand Upright in a Cool Place”.  … Read More

Mike Wexler- Dispossession

26 February 2012 |

Mike Wexler releases his second LP entitled “Dispossession” on the 5th of March, his debut for label Mexican Summer. Wexler is categorised as a singer-songwriter but he is not cut from the same cloth as your average guitar clutching … Read More

Zebra and Snake – Sweetest Treasure

26 February 2012 |

Zebra and Snake are the latest Scandinavian offering in the realm of minimal electro/indie. This two piece group hailing from Finland have a surprisingly full sound considering they are a duo, but members Tapio and Matti use multiple instruments … Read More

Antlered Man – giftes 1&2

26 February 2012 |

Giftes 1&2 by Antlered Man is a record as outlandish and spiritual as it sounds. Outrages 1 Ta 3 is a world in itself, meshing Deftones and Rater-R era Queens of the Stone Age, with a big underlining hip … Read More

The Drums – Days

26 February 2012 |

Days is The Drums’ new single from Portamento. The Euro-retro feel of the song is a strong plus, making it sound like a cloudy day on a beach in Nice in the 1950s. The song’s melancholy mixes well with … Read More