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AAA Music | 7 August 2020

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Rammstein (plus Deathstars as special guests) @02 Arena

| On 27, Feb 2012

London, 24th February

Deathstars have not played the UK for a little while now and what a way to come back with a support slot to ‘Rammstein’. They seem to come on with the determination to show what they can do, Look slick in the usual ‘Deathstars’ military uniforms and the lighting is blue
and white tinted with each member of the band having their own spotlight on them. They battle ‘Rammstein’  with smoke rather than fire, Death glam is here in force as they burst into their opening song the ‘Rammstein’ esq anthem ‘Blitzkrieg’ that goes down really well with tonight’s audience.
‘Whiplasher’ tilts his hat at the crowd and bang they hit into ‘Semi-Automatic’ which fires off like a gun.
The crowd are then grabbed even more as they pick up the pace with new song ‘Metal’ which is a new anthem for the band and is already a fan favourite. The band has a nice back catalogue of songs with the likes of  ‘Tongues and Night electric Night’ which follow on in the set tonight and these songs have got a new life in them and sound better than they ever have before. They might be only supporting but I think there are quite a few people in the Audience that will look more into ‘Deathstars’ they fit this bill like your favourite glove and the crowd love them so there are some sad faces when their set comes to end, but it does end on a high note with ‘Death dies Hard’ but the
band have impressed  alot of people tonight.

Deathstars – Setlist
Mark of the Gun
Night electric Night
Blood stains Blondes
Death dies Hard

Rammstein are also on a greatest hits tour and out to show England that they know how to put on a show.
They come into the arena by walking through the side of the crowd where they are met by a massive walkway I’m amazed they don’t get mobbed by the crowd. The Walkway is lowered from the sky making creaking noises and smoke coming out of it like an old sci-fi movie, ‘Aliens’ comes to mind.
The intro is quite epic and the explosions for opener Sonne is quite outstanding. I have seen Rammstein quite a few times and I think there is less fire now and that they are more theatrical. They have such a mass range of material to play that they can do no wrong like one of my personal favourites ‘Keine Lust’ which has a killer bass line.
Fan favourites in the set tonight are ‘Feuer Frei, Links 234 and Du Hust’as well as the heartfelt ‘Mutter’ off the album of the same name.
At one point the band go to a stage in the middle of the crowd in what can only be called a fetish parade to play ‘Buck Dich, Mann gegen Mann and Ohne Dich’ they try to create a closeness to the audience which is a very stadium rock thing to do and has been done by ‘U2, Take That’ and even the ‘Beatles’ before. There is some obscene going on’s on the platform, but as they say what goes on…
on the platform stays on the platform. Actually I think it stays on the hard discs of Rammstein fans who are taking hundreds of photos the whole way through tonight’s performance.
Back on the main stage they pleasure you with Mutter opener ‘Mein herz Brennt’ and their version of the yellow submarine ‘Amerika’ as well as the amazing ‘Ich Will’. The crowd then erupts when ‘Til’ comes out with giant metal wings for ‘Engel’. The wings burst into flames as he sings the song. All the people at the front of the stage are then cleared as a giant cannon is wheeled out in the shape of you can guess it a penis and they play their smash hit ‘Pussy’ and you see the whole crowd singing along to it as the cannon fire’s out foam all over the front of the audience in a massive finale ejaculation. What a sticky ending to a great night.

Rammstein – Setlist
Wollt Ihr das bett in Flammen Sehen
Keine Lust
Asche Zu Asche
Feuer Frei
Mein Teil
Du riechst so Gut
Links 234
Du Hast
Buck Dich
Mann Gegen Mann
Ohne Dich
Mein herz Brennt
Ich Will




Author: Daniel Cairns

Photos: Luca Viola