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AAA Music | 28 June 2022

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Misfits @ O2 Academy Islington

| On 04, Mar 2012

London, 1st February

Juicehead play melodic pop punk mixed with sounds from the streets. They rush through songs that get the crowd going for tonight headliners, this is nothing new but they are fun and are a good opening band and the Misfits are big fans of them and they are big fans of the misfits so you can see where they got their influences from.

Misfits stage presence has got even better in the last few years and Jerry has been practicing his vocals so they sound great and unique tonight. Tonight’s set is a 37 track stunner of old material and new material of their current album ‘The Devil Rain’. The venue thunders as they play opening song
‘The Devil’s Rain’ which is an epic tortured soul. They then play most of the rest of the album including one of my favourites which is sung by guitarist ‘Dez Cadera’ who was in ‘Black Flag’ it is called ‘Jack the Ripper’ and is menacing and does sound like songs he did in his previous band. The crowd goes made in a mass sing-a-long to ‘Static Age’ which Jerry can finally sing perfectly.
They run through old ‘Danzig’ era songs before they do the ‘Michelle Graves’ era Material.
The Misfits look has gotten even better and they look like they would do if there was a comic book
made about the band and how their action figures released over ten years ago looked.
They have skulls and skeletons hanging from their microphone stands; that is perfect for the look of classic song Skulls. Jerry winds the crowd up into a happy pogo, and then winds them down with the cool ‘Elvis Presley’ type song ‘Saturday Night’ which is really heartfelt and makes you think of times gone by. You know it’s time to go home when you hear ‘Die, Die my Darling’ which was made famous again by ‘Metallica’ a few years back. As a three piece Misfits have played a hell of a lot of songs and done them really well and that is something to be said when the bass player has taken over all the lead vocals. No Zombies tonight just Ghoulish Fiends.

Misfits – Setlist
The Devil’s Rain
Vivid Red
Land of the Dead
The Black Hole
Twilight of the Dead
Curse of the Mummy’s Hand
Cold in Hell
Dark Shadows
Jack the Ripper
Static Age
Children in Heat
Nike a Go Go
Abominable Dr. Phibes
American Psycho
Dig Up Her Bones
Ghost of Frankenstein
Death Ray
The Monkey’s Paw
Where eagles Dare
We Bite
Death Comes Ripping
Mommy, Can I go out and kill Tonight?
All hell breaks Loose
We are 138
Descending Angel
Saturday Night
Hybrid Moments
Die, Die my Darling


Daniel Cairns