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AAA Music | 11 August 2022

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Nedry – In A Dim Light

| On 11, Mar 2012

In A Dim Light, Nedry’s new effort, comforts and disturbs at the same time. The atmosphere of the record is tense and foggy, and with Nedry being Londoners, this may not be accidental.

I Would Rather Explode opens the album with a lush, intimate story delivered on top of a textural, spasmodic  sound. If Ayu Okakita’s sensually cold vocals are the lifeblood of these songs, then the Portishead-meets-Bjork musical ambience is their compelling, beautiful flesh. The consistency Nedry show in their aesthetic choices throughout the record is admirable and while the influences are clear, they still find a way to sound resolutely unique. TMA is one of the highlights; gloom is made psychotic in this enthralling, catchy piece of darkness. Okakita’s trance-like delivery is at its most glorious. In A Dim Light functions brilliantly with its peculiar mix of light and dark, allowing Nedry to claim an important position in the musical world for themselves.


Chiara Amoretto