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AAA Music | 25 May 2020

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Attack Attack! (USA) @ Underworld

| On 18, Mar 2012

London, 7th March

Heights are a brutal onslaught of British ‘Gallows’ type hardcore, they are one of the most violent bands I have seen for a while they just don’t care. They’re here to deliver over 30 mins of pain and anguish and that’s what they do, they don’t stop from start to finish encouraging stage divers and regularly even dive into the crowd themselves. The word is if you don’t won’t to get hurt stay at the back but they encourage you to join in. This is a promising band it’s not really anything new but if you like your hardcore heavy you will love ‘Heights’ and they do have some good songs that you can chant back at them.

Attack Attack! Yes! The America version not the ‘Fall out Boy’ Rip off from Wales. Some fans tonight have been waiting to see this band for quite a while they kept going to see the wrong one, but tonight it’s their chance to see the billboard chart toppers in a small venue in London. Tonight they mostly play new songs of their self titled album that all seem to begin with the and the best song is their last single ‘The Wretched’ which is a screamo masterpiece and has bought them to fame in the US along with their stint on the ‘Vans Warped Tour’ They mix up genres going from metalcore to screamo to hardcore to even a bit of pop punk. They all look stylish and that is probably why there are so many girls in the crowd tonight. I was expecting something more from this show, I’ve been looking forward to it for a while, but it is just very good there is no it factor tonight and I am left with the thought maybe I should have saved my money and stayed at home tonight it wasn’t anything amazing even thou they had some strong material, but then again I have the CD.


Attack Attack! (USA) – Setlist


The Revolution

The Family

The Betrayal

Hot Grills and High Tops (Remix)

Stick Stickly

Sexual man Chocolate

The Motivation

The Wretched

The Hopeless

The Reality