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AAA Music | 3 March 2021

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The Ghosts – Ghosts

| On 09, Apr 2012

Staggeringly enough, this isn’t the first time a band called Ghosts (ok these guys are called The Ghosts but work with me here) has released a single called Ghosts, the first time it happened as in 2007 with some no-hoper indie band and in 2012 it seems the same process has produced a much different, much darker and much, much better beast. Formed after the tragic suicide of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool frontman Charles Haddon, Singer Alex Starling, who’d been moonlighting in the band for a while, decided to turn the absolute worst negative of his life into a positive and formed The Ghosts, creating some truly ecstatic synth pop like this stormer of a single. Floating in on a Modest Mouse-esque guitar line, this blossoms into an atmospheric four to the floor disco pop sensation the likes of which The Pet Shop Boys would kill to have right about now. A shining example of how art can be used constructively and a killer pop single to boot, what’s not to love?

Will Howard