Hangfire – Shoot the Crow

I was looking forward to hearing this band cause I have hearing a lot about them. It’s great catchy AOR type rock with very good vocals. Classic Rock is coming back and this is really good their is even a feel of a bit of Creed type grunge like on the title track ‘Shoot the Crow’ which is the first single of the album. Hangfire contains X-Tigertailz stickman Matt Blackout and you can see his impact on the band with the steady beat and fills that ride through this album of rock gems. This is the first album by Hangfire and it gives you the impression of a veteran band that has been going as long as bands like UFO and Whitesnake. This is a record that will appeal to the European market like in Belgium and Germany, I think Hangfire will appeal to a mass market, I can see them playing some of the metal festivals over the summer here but this is not the sound that appeals to a UK mass market.

Author: Daniel Cairns